Niger Reads Riot Act To Workers, Says Late Comers, Absentees Will Be Sacked

Abubakar Sani BelloThe Niger State Government has disclosed plans to invoke relevant laid down civil service rules especially as regards lackadaisical attitude to work, warning that penalty for such may be outright termination of appointment.

In a statement yesterday in Minna, the state capital, Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Jonathan Vatsa, decried the trend where civil servants in the state work as full-time staff in two places and hardly report to their primary duties at the service, yet enjoy remuneration at the end of every month.

Mr. Vatsa warned those guilty of this offence in ministries to desist from the act just as he read the riot act to civil servants in the habit of staying at home when they should be in the office, saying they will be declared as ghost workers.

“Niger State has about 60,000 workers, including the local government areas, but not all report to work; some are staying at home and at the end of the month are paid salaries”, the commissioner said.


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