Nigeria The Only Country Not Recognizing Biafran Passport – MASSOB

Biafran_passportThe Biafran passports being issued to its citizens by Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra, MASSOB, are valid and accepted in various countries across the globe.

The National Director of Information, MASSOB, Sunny Okereafor, insisted that many citizens of Biafra had used the passport issued by the Biafran Directorate of Passport, and traveled overseas without any hassles with immigration.

Okereafor, therefore, warned the federal government to desist from confiscating Biafra passport or threatening its holders.

“I assure you the Biafran passport is valid”, the MASSOB spokesman told Vanguard.

He said with the exception of Nigeria, other countries of the world especially in Europe, North and South America, accept Biafran passport and allow its citizens to travel with it.

“Nigeria is the only country that seizes Biafran passport. Go to neighbouring Ghana here, they will stamp the passport for you. Don’t be confused by the propaganda of the Nigerian government that there is nothing like Biafra passport”, Okereafor disclosed.

“MASSOB appeals to Biafra citizens to procure their passport and use it to travel. If you doubt me, get a Nigerian passport while I have my Biafran passport; when we get to Europe, you will see who they will welcome than the other.

“Many people with Nigerian passport have been repatriated, but have you heard of anybody with Biafran passport receiving such ill-treatment?”

The MASSOB image maker noted that the Biafran passport cost N5, 000 and could be renewed with N2, 000 just as he denied reports that people who bought the passport are being turned back at various airports


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