PDP Will Not Push For Metuh’s Bail – Jalo

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Deputy National Publicity Secretary Abdullahi Jalo says the party will not push for the release of its National Publicity Secretary Olisa Metuh who is being held by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“The issue of bail does not have anything to do with PDP. Let them tell us how much they have brought to PDP, to the national chairman and the money used for campaign, we want to know from them,” Jalo said.

“PDP has nothing to do with individuals that used their companies to get money. PDP has no company, it is a political platform. There  is PDP account and they did not even inform the PDP that they had received this money, they just went and slept with their families eating eggs and rice.”

Jalo asked that the public should not misconstrue the unfolding issues with that of the PDP, saying individuals that were presently involved, accessed public funds through their various private companies and not the PDP even though they were members of the party.

“There are a lot of outcries against our members that have been taken to court because they received money from what we called Dasukigate or arms deal.

“The former acting National Chairman, Dr. Bello Haliru, who was taken to court is now on bail, he has a company Pam Proper and Property limited, he was given N600 million under a registered company of Corporate Affairs Commission, you can find out what the contract was meant for. Has he done what he was asked to do with the N600 million?

“Olisa Metuh’s company is Destral investment limited, he was given a job of N400 million. What has that got to do with PDP, you can bear me witness, when Olisa was accusing Lai Mohammed that he collected a contract from one of the states in the West, even Lai Mohammed took him to court, so now the hunter is now the hunted. Lai’s case has not been proved, Olisa is under investigation.

“Let us put the record straight. We want anyone of these people that have been accused whether in PDP, APGA or APC to come out and tell us that the money they collected, was given to PDP or their party. When he was given this money was he given the money to go and campaign for Jonathan, if yes let him show us the paper, let him present an evidence, but whoever was given this money should know that this money was not meant for that, it was meant for arms purchase.

“Thank God the party has kept quiet deliberately, maybe, because some have benefited. If we cannot clean the party now, the future is going to be bleak.

“If the Legal Adviser of PDP, rushes to go and bail out Olisa Metuh now he is doing the wrong thing, because he has to separate the party and Olisa as an individual,” Jalo said.