Remains Of 21-Month-Old Boy Found In Gabbage Heap 142 Days After He Went Missing

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has found the remains of 21-month-old Lonzie Barton who went missing on July 24, 2015. According to a post shared by the sheriff’s office on Tuesday January 12, the chief suspect in the disappearance, cooperated & led investigators to the remains. The post below:
“R.I.P. Lonzie Barton. On July 24, 2015 the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office began working the disappearance of one year old Lonzie Barton,” the post reads
“At times, 425 officers/people were searching from 38 different agencies who assisted to help.
We continued to work this case for the last 142 days non stop and today we believe we have located the remains of Lonzie Barton in a wooded area near Philips Hwy and 9B.
The decisions made to find this child’s body was a joint effort between JSO and the State Attorney’s Office. Our original goal was to find Lonzie, we have done that.
This is the first step in Justice for Lonzie. Lonzie did not need to be discarded like a piece of trash. He will now spend eternity somewhere that is peaceful and not in a horrific garbage heap. This case is not over.
We have worked with the attorney’s of Ruben Ebron. Ruben Ebron was at the search site yesterday and cooperated with us. Justice is sometimes slow and sometimes piece by piece. Finding the body of Lonzie is a very big piece of that. The investigative efforts goal was to take Lonzie from a place of unknown to a place of peace. We have now done that.
The Jacksonville community has become Lonzie’s family. Thank you to the media for the help in the beginning of this investigation. Helping us get the information out and keeping the information in the forefront was tremendous. A big thank you to the Jacksonville community for the outpouring support and all of the great things you did for us during this search. Whether it was a donation or you said a prayer, we can’t thank everyone in Jacksonville enough.
R.I.P. Lonzie Barton”

Source: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/Facebook


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