Rowan ‘Mr. Bean’ Atkinson Helping Daughter Realize Her Dream As He Invest Thousands Of Pounds In Her Music Career


Famous British comedian, Rowan Atkinson, is majorly known for his very funny movies where he hardly ever talks.

The veteran comedian is now investing in his daughter’s music career by helping with her new music video and professional photos.

According to reports from The Sun, the ‘Mr. Bean’ star is investing his money towards his daughter Lily’s music dreams.

He has released £10,000 for her music video and an extra £6,000 for several professional photo shoots and also cabaret lessons.

The 20-year-old Lily has been performing at London venues for a while but is working hard in her bid to become a music superstar.

A source close to Lily told The Sun that: “Lily’s dream since she was small was to be a singer and now she’s getting help realising that dream”.

The source added: “She’s performed a few gigs in a cabaret style and really enjoyed them. Her parents both come from show business backgrounds so they are fully supportive of her.”


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