SEE 4 Reasons Why Nigerians Are Forced To Ask If Jonathan Was The President Or A Puppet


Former National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd) under Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency is the leading culprit in the heart of the alleged diversion and disbursement of the $2.1bn meant for the procurement of arms to combat insurgency. Up till the time of putting this piece together, the former president has maintained radio silence on the whole scandal which promises to dent his character and administration forever. Things that have been revealed in the cause of investigating this alleged diversion of public funds for personal and party aggrandizement has forced questions of whether or not Jonathan was the President of Nigeria or an ordinary puppet on the minds of Nigerians. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the rationale behind these worrying questions on the minds of Nigerians.

– Former President Jonathan’s radio silence over the arms deal has given more credence to the wide belief while he was in office that he was ‘clueless’. If he was actually the President, he shouldn’t be clueless like his radio silence is making him look.

– Not airing his thoughts on the arms deal and having said contradictory things in the past shows Jonathan had no idea how things under his government were run or he simply wasn’t interested in knowing.

– Jonathan’s body language on the arms deal shows someone who never understood the things that went on under his nose as President. His body language is that of someone who was a figure head while someone else ruled Nigeria from the backdoor?

– The mind-boggling armsgate is something that allegedly happened toward the end of Jonathan’s first and unfortunately term in office. It becomes even more mind-boggling trying to imagine more of such deals that went down prior to that time.


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