6 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Used A Public Toilet In Nigeria Knows Too Well

We all have to heed the call of nature every now and then. These calls are sometimes impossible to ignore making it a dreaded experience when the call comes at a place far far away from home or office. When this happens, it quickly becomes a very unpleasant thing which can easily ruin an already smooth sailing pleasant day. In times like this, lucky is the man who finds a public toilet nearby. Experiences inside public toilets are very peculiar. You might not know this if you are one of those very classy boys and girls who don’t sh*t at all. But if you have used a public toilet in Nigeria before, here are 6 things as put together by INFORMATION NIGERIA that you would know…

Tell us how awful international food is

When you open the door to the toilet and the very unfriendly smell of stale urine hits you in the face like an angry boxer and all you want to do is run out shouting HELP!!!


Losing your slippers at the Mosque.

When you finally overcome the harsh smell of fermented urine after reminding yourself that you don’t have a choice after all, then you stare at the sit, what stares back at you, would hunt you for a lifetime.



This is the sitting position everyone adopts in a public toilet. No one wants to end up with an infection or two all because they want to heed the call of nature. MJ himself would be proud of you seeing how well you do the toilet pose he invented.



When your phone or handbag suddenly drops on the floor of the horrific public toilet, while trying to get toilet paper.




When you realise there is no toilet paper in your pocket or handbag





When you have finally taken a dump and your senses are now intact and you look around you and all you see is ‘RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!’


Which did we miss???



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