SEE What APC Chairman, John Oyegun Wants You To Know About The Economy And Other National Issues

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Odigie-Oyegun at the APC headquarters in Abuja on Monday spoke on several national issues in an interactive session with journalists. He spoke on the fight against corruption, the economy and many more. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the key things he said in this piece…

– Mr. President is fully aware of the tough times that people are going through, adding that everything is being done to better the economy and ameliorate the deprivation that people are going through.

– He said the work of rebuilding and reconstructing the Nigerian economy is rapidly in progress assuring you that there will be plenty of successes in the next few months.

– On the alleged “missing” budget, he said the issue was totally overplayed, the budget was never missing, the main document was totally intact.

– He added that the criticisms surrounding the budget were made by the opposition to take a bash at the government. What happened is nothing more than suggested corrections to the addendum to the budget that had earlier been presented.

– On alleged ‘selective’ anti-corruption fight, he said PDP was in control for sixteen years and it was only natural for them to be the focus in the fight against corruption.

What do you think???


  1. Mr. Chairman. What are you doing about your Governors who cannot pay salaries. Abi you no know say Nigerians dey suffer. Teach them to start by emulating Buhari and Osinbajo in exhibiting zero tolerance for corruption and indiscipline in their domain. And how to maximize revenue generation and collection like Tinubu.


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