Senate Proposes 30 Bills For 2016, Says Saraki

Bukola SarakiThe Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki on Monday announced 30 bills for the 2016 legislative year.

He noted that the Senate has 30 bills of interest that will tackle issues of governance and economic reform to fast track necessary changes.

The Senate president added that the bills, which are directed at reforming critical sectors of the economy, were submitted by his colleagues and “now awaiting consideration and passage”.

“The 30 bills when passed would give backing to necessary reforms in area of security, judiciary, anti-corruption, taxation and poverty eradication.

“They are meant to drastically change business environment and promote inclusive growth especially in agriculture & other non-oil sector.

“Also we have National Assembly Budget & Research Office Bill as part of the #30Bills that will be debated.

“It is our beliefs in National Assembly that diversification can only happen if we provide the necessary regulatory and legislative framework.

“The 30 bills will encourage private sector participation in railways, road construction & other transport infrastructure to create jobs.

“The bills will establish a framework for agencies of government to set goals, measure performance and submit related plans and reports to NASS”, he said.

Senate President Saraki further stated that the National Assembly believes that diversification can only happen if the necessary regulatory and legislative framework is provided.

“As we await the debate of the 30 bills, I encourage Nigerians to follow closely so as to attend the public hearing or send in recommendations”, Bukola added.