State Governors Owing Salaries Lack Moral Right To Remain In Office – Issa Aremu

Aremu-NLCA former Vice President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Issa Aremu, has challenged state governors who owe their workers arrears of salaries to immediately resign their appointments.

The frontline labour leader was of the opinion that any governor who could not pay workers their monthly salary as at when due had no moral right to remain in office and tasked labour leaders at all levels and the impoverished workers to sack debtor governors or they (labour leaders) themselves should vacate their positions.

Mr. Aremu spoke with newsmen in Ilorin, Kwara state on the occasion of his 55th birthday.

“Non-payment of salaries amount to ‘economicide’ that is unacceptable. ‘Economicide’ means deliberate strangulation of the working people through a denial of wage incomes that has led to untimely death of workers, withdrawal of their children from schools and mass poverty”, he said.

Comrade Aremu also condemned Senators over their insistence on buying new cars, saying, “I agree with Senate President Bukola Saraki that the National Assembly should enhance its oversight function. But those who ask for equity should come with clean hands. Who oversees the senators when they are buying new cars in an economy that is totally depressed?

“Nigeria needs angry leaders like Buhari not hungry dealers like some senators that are engaging in self-help rather than national service. Senators should emulate president Buhari and tow the path of prudence and selflessness”.

He, however, reserved commendations for President Muhammadu Buhari over the 2016 appropriation bill, saying if the spirit and content of the 2016 budget is fully implemented, Nigeria is undoubtedly on the march to economic recovery and renaissance once again.


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