The 6 Things Graduates Of Nigerian Public Universities Can Never Forget


An average graduate from a Nigerian university would agree that the period counts as one of the best times in his/her life. From when you get admitted to the very tedious processes of clearance to lectures, tests exams and then graduation. Everyone no matter how serious or unserious every now and then has one experience or two to share about their University days. INFORMATION NIGERIA has gathered in this piece the experiences that ranks top of all the unforgettable experiences from Uni days…

– The confused and lost feeling when you have more students than seats.


When your exam is in WRA or SCT and there are only 20 people in the whole hall


– When a lecturer randomly picks you to answer a question when you sadly weren’t listening.

When you had to help them mark scripts.

– When the lecturer says attendance for his classes are compulsory.


– When night classes resume even before the semester starts.

– When you accord your schoolmate maximum respect because he is a notorious cultist.



When everyone starts using your surname as your first name because they don't have energy.

– When the lecturer says ‘A’ belongs to him and you were seriously hoping for one to boost your GPPA

Do share yours!!!



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