‘There Are Plots To Kill Buhari’ – Father Mbaka Alleges


Catholic Priest and Founder, Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria, Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has alleged that there are plans to kill President Buhari due to his ongoing fight against corruption. Mbaka said this during his New Year sermon in his church yesterday.

“Nigeria, as we speak now, economically, security wise is in the intensive care unit; if the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will die, people of God prayed, from here and there and God gave us Buhari. God has told us that Buhari is prayer answered; President Buhari is an answered prayer; whether you hate him or like him, Buhari is prayer answered;
the Bishops of Nigeria, the Catholic Bishops prayed against bribery and corruption and this President came with a charter that has to do with war against corruption; all the prayers we have been doing about bribery and corruption, God answered it in Buhari who decided not to discriminate; there is nothing like religious or political discrimination in Buhari’s government. He needs all the support, unstoppable support; spiritual and otherwise; because if he is not the man in power now, had it been the last regime continued, by now, Nigeria would be for sale. I am not a sycophant; but I want to tell you that so far God is happy and he who God has blessed none can curse. Many people are planning to kill Buhari; there are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption will continue; so that embezzlement will continue”he said

Mbaka called on Nigerians to wait on God

“No matter how malignant the problem is, God says He will be in charge; fellow Nigerians, let us wait upon God; I have a new message; I’m blessing and covering the message we are giving now in the prophetic name of Jesus; Father speak now as your servant listens. In 2013, there was a prophecy that there was going to be an oil doom after several years of oil boom, and when that message came out of this ground, many started calling me a prophet of doom. How can there be oil doom in oil boom? And the oil price continued to climb, but the message said people should start to gather as in the days of Joseph, that the people in government should continue to gather, let them stop squandering our wealth; but they never listened; throughout the six years we passed in the past administration, God blessed our oil with high prices, over N140 per barrel, but the message kept coming, don’t mind the oil boom, there is going to be oil doom, our politicians stop embezzling our wealth but they said the money will continue to come, our oil will continue to flow.”‎he said

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


  1. Haba prophet Mbaka.Even if God tfily gave you such a revealation.must you shout it so that the whole world will hear. Its clear now that you have a secret agenda .Why seek cheap pubicity and currying of favour with those in power?

    • So only one prophecy about plot and the pple behind the plot God didn’t reveal their names abi… The revelation didn’t include when the chain we are under in this govt abi… Wish u well in this ur new found crusade

  2. Seed of discord. Everyone shall reap what they sow because the harvest time must surely come. If any one is plotting against any one, mind you, your reward is waiting for you. And those prophets of boom and doom God is watching you. Stop sowing the seed of discord. Preach peace, love, salvation and live politics alone is not the area of your call. when a true man of God received a message from God to the leader, he should boldly go to whom it may be and deliver it. Or invite the person to see you for that.

  3. if truly it is their plane, they will not succeed. those stupid looters remain silent cos they no that the sword of God is after them. and when devil remain silent, it is looking for another way to cause commotion which I know they will not succeed. Any body, be it youth or elderly person of this nation, that has dug any pit for presy Buhari, by God grace,they shall be the one to be bury into the pit.
    Owo ti ogede ba gbe, ara re ni na gbeyin. Arigi segi, ori ara re ni fii gbe.Ti okiti ba jin,ori ara re ni jin le.
    so shall it be. amen


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