[VIDEO] Interior Minister, Danbazau Turns SSS Officer To His Shoe Cleaner In Public

Abdulrahman DanbazauThe disdain with which Nigeria’s elite especially those in places of authority treat their subordinates came to the fore recently with a video clip showing the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, using his State Security Service, SSS, security detail to shine his shoes in public.

The Minister, a retired army general and former Chief of Army Staff, could be seen in the 31 seconds video, which was recorded at an event organized by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Academy in an Abuja suburb last December, dressed in white gown, relaxing on a couch with his legs stretched out.

As if on cue, the SSS operative emerged from the sides with a white handkerchief in his right hand and a holstered service pistol peeking from underneath his coat.

The SSS operative was shown stooping before the minister, using his left hand to lift Mr. Dambazau’s right leg, slightly above the floor to clean his shoes with diligence.

Mr. Dambazau bent his head to notice him, before looking away to focus on the event unfolding in a distance.

The Minister was seated between what seemed to be top officers of the NSCDC, who merely took short glances at the SSS officer stooping before them, before looking away.

Soon, the right leg shoe was glistering again and he steadily dropped it back to a dusty floor.

The minister adjusted himself in his couch, put forward his left foot and gently raised the left leg of his white pants up, appearing detached, while the SSS officer took it in his palms again and wiped off the dust.

Watch the video below as published PREMIUM TIMES



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