We Didn’t Spend $11m To Transport MRAP Vehicles Into Nigeria – FG

Minister of Defence-Service-ChiefsThe Federal Government yesterday denied claims that it spent about $11 million to transport 24 Mine Resistant Armour Protected vehicles donated to the Nigerian Armed Forces by the United States Government.

The Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali made the clarification in Lagos at the commissioning of some Nigerian Air Force (NAF) projects as well as the inspection of the MRAP vehicles.

Dan-Ali said the vehicles never cost the federal government the said sum to transport into the country but he was silent on the actual figures.

The minister, who commissioned the 201 HAG Flight Line offices and crew room, 445 NAF hospital laboratory and power sub-station, Airmen transit quarters, the gymnasium and MRAP vehicles said: “It is not true that the Nigerian government was responsible for the transportation. The transportation cost the US Government $11 million and not the Nigerian government”.

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Gabriel Olonisakin, who also spoke on insurgency, said the military had degraded Boko Haram.

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, who spoke earlier, also reiterated President Buhari’s commitment towards addressing various security challenges across the country with a view to fast-tracking Nigeria’s socio-economic development.



    The twenty-four (24) Mine-Resistant, Armor-Protected (MRAP) vehicles recently donated by America to Nigeria, without any shadow of reasonable, sensible, logical doubts, is one singular achievement for which the current administration of President Buhari should be appreciated and deservedly commended. The MRAP is an infantry mobility vehicle structured to be resistant to landmines and improvised munitions generally which represented a bold, positive step towards exterminating the seemingly blood-thirsty insurgents.
    Unfortunately, the MRAP achievement has generated a lot of controversial comments across most dailies and social media basically because of tendencies lately among Nigerians – and this cannot be entirely blameworthy! – to scrutinize gifts, whatever the intents behind such, as same may be greek!
    Of course, we need to respect our personal opinions and freedom of expressions. One thing seems common to all commentators however – concern for national interest. This is patriotism, but such should be modulated not to serve less noble causes.

    If one may ask, what is the problem of US donating staggering “24 Mine-Resistant, Armor-Protected (MRAP) vehicles” to Nigeria? Is this the first time of such? Will this not be of any assistance to the nation towards fighting the insurgency in the country? The answers to these questions we all have.

    Without flogging a dead horse, dangerous propagandists and perverse propagandas will not in any way advance our collective purpose in the needlessly elongated war against far less capable, but eminently gut-propelled, vampires. Cheap, hunger-occasioned press statements and jaundiced pamphleteering, feeding the public with blatant and depraved errors, must be rested. Why should anyone lie the MRAP vehicle are faulty, has toxic constituents and such other balderdash?

    It is right to regard the gifts as ‘tokunbo’ if by the word it is meant that they (the MRAP) came from overseas (US-donated) but it is never so if it is meant as use-and-dump cargoes that would not protect desired interests. The machines are specifically customized for advance military operations which have been used for operations in war zones before and they are still in perfect conditions.
    The arrangement have been in process for a while and all (the MRAP) vehicles have been inspected and certified by both countries teams. The only “so call repair” is to make all the MRAP vehicles more lethal. In addition, all the 24 Mine-Resistant, Armor-Protected (MRAP) vehicles can be driven from the Lagos port-terminal to Maiduguri without any problem. This essentially is a positive and cheering signal that will equally work and cater this time around towards our need to combat insurgency for real. This should not be regarded or reflected in negative light.

    Indeed, the US kept a safe distance from the past government simply because of the administration’s insincerity to prosecute the terrorism war due to high level of corruption across boards. US knows all the money that was allocated to defense and arms procurement was looted and that the Nigeria Army was committing gross crimes against humanity by forcing soldiers to war without requisite munitions. The US did not want to be part of the deceit and crimes against humanity! Dasuki gate has vindicated them.
    In conclusion, the acceptance of MRAP from the US does not therefore deserve to be condemned! Nigerians should appreciate this kind gesture from US and be grateful to the President Buhari; more so, additional 8-Mine-Resistant, Armor-Protected (MRAP) vehicles have been concluded and they will be delivered soon. This is one evidence of the extreme needfulness of his so-called ‘incessant overseas travels’. The Minister of Defense is highly commended for his selfless service and commitment towards the success of the entire process of MRAP donation. The Ministry of Defense and officers in charge that facilitated and smoothened the MRAP donation process equally deserves a pat in the back.