Why Keep Your Kids Out Of School When Rosabon Can Help?

Personal Loan-Kids

It’s just a few weeks into the New Year and for some; expenses have piled up, most of it a residue of what went down over the festive season last year. There are house rents to be paid, shops to be restocked, office equipment to be changed and a prominent one which many parents dread but have to do, School Fees!

Many times these fees go beyond tuition alone; it also includes uniforms, books, school bags and other materials. And for some who have more than one kid in school, coughing up a huge amount of money at a time like this when many businesses are just picking up for the New Year may be very difficult to do.

Rather than keep your kids at home while their mates are studying, or have them kicked out of school while you look for alternative sources to fund their school fees, taking a personal loan from Rosabon Financial Services may be the easiest solution.

This collateral-free personal loan is very flexible and can be utilized for whatever pressing needs or financial challenges you are faced with at any point in time. Once you are found eligible and have met all requirements, you can access a personal loan of up to N1.5 Million without any delay, as it takes just 48 hours to process!

Paying back this loan is even easier, as you get to choose a flexible payment structure of 6-8months so as to take the burden of repayment off you while you go about other meeting other financial obligations.

To access the Rosabon Personal Loan, there is no middle man involved neither do you need to use any of your prized assets as collateral, all that is required of you is to walk into any of our offices to talk to our seasoned experts who would not only inform you about the process, but also walk you through it.

You can also send an email to info@rosabon-finance.com or clientservices@rosabon-finance.com visit www.rosabon-finance.com/loan or call our customer service representatives on +2347046533688, +2347046523346



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