Why President Buhari Pardoned Mutinous Soldiers On Death Row – Falana

Femi Falana

Human rights lawyer and former President of the West African Bar Association (WABA), Femi Falana in a letter to the president Muhammadu Buhari has urged him forgive all soldiers convicted for mutiny during the last administration, including those on death row. Falana reasoned that their only offence was to legitimately demand for weapons with which to find Boko Haram terrorists. Drawing from the letter, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 4 of Falana’s reasons…

– The government at that time sent the soldiers to the battlefield without arms and ammunition to prosecute the war.

– The Goodluck Jonathan Administration deployed thousands of members of the armed forces to the north east region and forced them to fight the well-armed insurgents with weapons which were not serviceable.

– The National Assembly at the time had appropriated sufficient funds for arms procurement but those funds were criminally diverted by the military authorities and their civilian cronies.

– The conviction was a desperate bid to cover up the criminal negligence of the military authorities.

Don’t you agree that there is no legal and moral justification for the conviction and sentences imposed on those soldiers by the courts-martial, considering the fact that huge fund provided for the purchase of arms and armament to fight the terrorists were diverted???


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