World’s Smallest Nightclub Is The Size Of A Phone Booth [Photo]


‘Teledisko’, the world’s smallest disco, is probably the most exclusive party place you can find. Started by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, the nightclub – a repurposed phone booth located in the Berlin’s trendy Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district – can only accommodate two people at a time.

The coin-operated entry ensures that no one but you and your chosen friends can  access the bright yellow party booth. Inside, Teledisko has all the trimmings of a proper nightclub – a smoke machine, stroboscope, light effects, a disco ball, dry ice, and a touchscreen that lets you select and play your favorite music. The cramped interiors might prevent you from taking selfies, but the booth comes with a built-in camera that takes pictures and records videos of your unforgettable night.

Deutsche Telekom originally repurposed just three phone booths into telediskos – two at fixed locations in Berlin and a third one that could be moved to any location you wanted to hold your party at – but it seems high demand has convinced them to create even more tiny nightclubs.

If you’re in love with this new way of partying, you can actually get a booth of your own. Deutsche Telekom is apparently converting more yellow booths into nightclubs and selling them at €350 (about $380) apiece. You’ll just have to personally pick yours up from a ‘phone booth graveyard’ near Potsdam. Sounds like a great souvenir to bring back from Germany!

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