Zaria Massacre: Shi’a Sect Releases 705 Names, Photos Of ‘Missing Members’ | Full List

Islamic MovementThe Islamic Movement in Nigeria has released 705 names and photographs of people it said are its members but who went missing since the December 12 and 13, 2015 clash with soldiers in Zaria, Kaduna State.

The movement incurred the wrath of the soldiers after members barricaded a road, stopping the convoy of Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.

The Army said it observed the rules of engagement when it used force to dismantle the blockade, which it alleged was cover for an attempt on Mr. Buratai’s life. The Shi’a group, however, denies attacking Mr. Buratai.

The result of the clash left scores of the Shi’a sect killed and a sizeable number injured in two days of military crackdown on the Islamic Movement in Zaria.

The altercation also led to the demolition of the sect’s spiritual headquarters – the Hussainiyyah – as well as the arrest of the group’s leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, his wife and an unknown number of shi’a Muslims in Zaria.

Human Rights Watch said in its report at least 300 members of the Shi’a group were killed and hundreds other victims secretly buried by the army.

The army has not given an official figure of deaths in the clash, which sparked global outrage especially from Iran, which is the spiritual home of Shi’a Muslims worldwide.

Below is a list of 705 names and towns of origin released Monday by the Shi’a group published on its Facebook page.

The group further says the list is provisional.

1. Sumayya Isa Hassan Samaru Zaria
2. Mahmmad Bello Lukman Zaria
3. Idris Usman Sabongari Zaria
4. Muhammad Sani
5. Muntaka Sani Haruna Samaru-Zaria
6. Muhammad Auwal Tandari Potiskum
7. Babawuro Baffa 39 Nafada Gombe
8. Babawuro Baffa Abubakar Nafda Gombe
9. Tijjani Muhammad Jigawa Gagiya Guri
10. Tijani Muhammad Gagiya Malam Madori
11. Shu’aibu Kofar Fada Jigawa Malam
12. Muhammad Usman Jigawa Malam
13. Shu’aibu Dauda Jigawa Malam Madori
14. Sawwanu S. Hamza Malam Madori
15. Khalid Abdullahi Jigawa Malam Madori
16. Awwal Abubakar Guyu Malam Madori
17. Sayyid Mustapha Lawan Nasidi Potiskum
18. Salihu Muhammad Uganda Potiskum
19. Muhammad Salihu Dambua Potiskum
20. Usman Garba Sakafa Potiskum
21. Al-amin Abbas Dambua Potiskum
22. Muhammad Isa Adamu Potiskum
23. Muhammad Maini Abdullahi Potiskum
24. Bello Isma’il (Abban Yaya) Potiskum
25. Isa Sa’idu M/Bukar Street Potiskum
26. Muhammad Isma’il Jigawa Potiskum
27. Zakari Abdullahi Potiskum
28. Musa Abdullahi Potiskum
29. Abdullahi Hassan Potiskum
30. Umar Isyaku Potiskum Mamudo
31. Bello Sama’ila Abdullahi Potiskum
32. Al Amin A. Abbas Sharif Potiskum
33. Muhammad Salihu Potiskum Sakafa
34. Muhammad Isa Adamu Potiskum
35. Yusuf Muhammad Gaidam
36. Alhaji Muhmmad Sani Abubakar Udawa
37. Abubakar Hakika Udawa
38. Aliyu Abubakar Birnin Gwari
39. Sa’idu Abdullahi Udawa
40. Abdullahi Shu’aibu Zaria Tudun Jukun
41. Bello Umar Maimagani Zaria Tudun
42. Zakariya Dan Marka Zaria Tudun Jukun
43. Mu’azu Alarama Zaria Tudun Jukun
44. Usman Musa Zaria Tudun Jukun
45. Abdulrashid Yusuf Escort Zaria
46. Saifullahi Kabir Mai Nama Zaria
47. Basiru Sani Zaria Tudun Jukun
48. Saifulddeen Umar Zaria Tudun Jukun
49. Abubakar Kasim Danlami (Alfa) Zaria
50. Anas Dahiru Zaria Tudun Jukun
51. Hassan Dahiru Zaria Tudun Jukun
52. Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Zaria Tudun Jukun
53. Rabi Maman Kubra
54. Muntaka
57. Iliyasu Muhammad Rabi’u Talatan
58. Aliyu Muhammad Rabi’u Talatan Mafara
59. Muhammad Maini Abdullahi Potiskum
60. Usman Garba (Lamma) Potiskum
61. Mahdi Isma’il Potiskum
62. Tijani Muhammad Potiskum
65. Muhammad Waziri Isa Samaru Zaria
66. Hassan Waziri Isa Samaru Zaria
67. Hussaini Waziri Isa Samaru Zaria
68. Fatima Waziri Isa Samaru Zaria
69. Bukhari Bello Jega University of Abuja
70. A’isha Abubakar Zaki Gwagwalada
71. Nusaiba Abubakar Zaki Gwagwalada
72. Fatima Abubakar Zaki Gwagwalada
73. Batula Buhari Bello Jega Gwagwalada
74. Ali Adamu Tsoho Samaru Zaria
75. Ibrahim A. Danladi (Malam) Samaru
76. Ahmad Buhari Isma’il Zaria City
77. Muhammad Nasir Adam Samaru Zaria
78. Muhammad Taha Abubakar Samaru
79. Mahdi Idris Umar Samaru Zaria
80. Abubakar Abdullahi Samaru Zaria
81. Shehu Yahaya Samaru Zaria
82. Umar Dauda Samaru Zaria
83. Zaharadeen Isa Samaru Zaria
84. Sirajo Ibrahim Samaru Zaria
85. Muhammad Mujahid Abdullahi Zaria
86. Yusha’u Nuhu Samaru Zaria
87. Muhammad Abubakar Audi Samaru
88. Yusha’u Muhammad Samaru Zaria
89. Mujahid Awwal Samaru Zaria
90. Umar Abdulllahi Samaru Zaria
91. Muhammad Abubakar Samaru Zaria
92. Muhammad Kabir Mansir Samaru Zaria
93. Abba Iliyasu Hayin Dogo Samaru Zaria
94. Usman Mukhtar Samaru Zaria
95. Mustapha Ibrahim Panhauya Zaria
96. Ibrahim Suleiman Panhauya
97. Mubarak Bala Zaria
98. Sulaiman Ahmad Zaria
99. Sani Abubakar Zaria
100. Usman Abdullahi Kankia Zaria
101. Hamza Isa Zaria Hayin Ojo
102. Badamasi Abdulhamid Zaria Danmagaji
103. Ibrahim Ali (Maiwashi) Zaria Hayin
104. Abubakar Muhammad (Nera) Zaria
105. Hudu Muhammad (Gambo) Zaria
106. Sagir Muhammad Awwal Zaria
107. Jibrin Abdulaziz Zaria
108. Umar Alhassan Zaria Zabi i
109. Rabi’u Mahmoud Zaria Zabi
110. Isa Sa’idu Muhammad Zaria
111. Madi Alhaji Rabi’u Zaria
112. Zaharadeen Abdulaziz Zaria
113. Aliyu M. Lawan Zaria
114. Musa Sakkwato Makina Zaria
115. Umar Ibrahim Zaria
116. Mahdi Alhaji Garba Zaria
117. Gambo Muhammad Zaria
118. Nasiru Ayuba Zaria
119. Tanimu Sulaiman Zaria
120. Ali Yusuf Zaria Hayin Ojo
121. Abubakar Musa Zaria
122. Hashimu Abdullahi Tohu Zaria
123. Adamu Yakubu Tohu
124. Bashir Aliyu Tohu
125. Sulaiman Abdullahi Zaria
126. Ishaka Abdulkadir Zaria
127. Abdulmutalib Yusuf Zaria
128. Bashir Sa’idu Zaria
129. Rashidu Sa’idu Zaria
130. Shema’u Muhammad Zaria
131. Abdullahi Abubakar Gado Zaria
132. Ali Mu’azu Zaria Unguwar Jaba
133. Muhammad Mu’azu Zaria
134. Awwal Nasibi Zaria Muchiya
135. Shehu Mai Ruwa Zaria
136. Ibrahim Muhammad Tukur Zaria
137. Mubarak Yakubu Zaria Magume
138. Fatima Lawal Zaria Magume
139. Ali Umar Zaria Magume
140. Muhammad Murtala (Bichi) Zaria
141. Abdulkarim Dambam Gyellesu
142. Mukhtar Sahabi (Dankwarai) Gyellesu
143. Nuhu Yunusa (Digging) Gyellesu
144. Abdulkadir (Escort) Gyellesu
145. Sayyid Hammad Zaria Gyellesu
146. Sayyid Ali Zaria Gyellesu
147. Sayyid Hummaid Zaria Gyellesu
148. Hajiya Fatima (Gogo Binta) Gyellesu
149. Muhammad Abdullahi Zaria
150. Ali Lawal Zaria Magume
151. Hamza Abubakar Ingaski Yawuri
152. Shamsuddeen Abdulkadir Gyellesu
153. Nuhu Rahama Zaria Gyellesu
154. Basiru Rahama Zaria Gyellesu
155. Ali Zainul Abideen Mustapha Gyellesu
156. Zuhair Abubakar Maina Gyellesu
157. Anas Lagawu Zaria Gyellesu
158. Ishaq (Guest House) Zaria Gyellesu
159. Usman Yawuri Zaria Gyellesu
160. Iliyasu Fudiya Zaria
161. Awwal Abdullahi Zaria
162. Usman Dawa Zaria Chikaji Sabongari
163. Maikudi Galadima Zaria Muchiya
164. Isa Sulaiman Tabansani
165. Rabi’u Dantarau Tabansani
166. Hudu Muhammad Zaria Muchiya
167. Biliya Nakowa Zaria Sabongari
168. Awwal Yusuf Zaria Sabongari
169. Muhammad Uncle Zaria
170. Sulaiman Maiblo Zaria
171. Rabi’u Abdulrahman Zaria
172. Naziru Usman Zamfara
173. Fatima Aminu Maihoto Zaria
174. Fatima Muhammad (Uncle) Zaria
175. Muhammad Sani Abubakar Dakwa
177. Jamila Jibo Jibrin Kwangila
178. Saminu Yusuf Kwangila
179. Maikudi Kwangila
180. Bashari Isa Kanar Farakwai
181. Yahaya Yakub Kanar Farakwai
182. Muhsin Shitu Danja
183. Jawad Nuradeen Danja
184. Alkasim Garba Igabi
185. Aliyu Sulaiman Pambeguwa
186. Ayatollah Salihu Pambeguwa
187. Abdulrashid Awwal Pambeguwa
188. Salisu Hassan Kidandan
189. Dauda Hassan Rim/Iyatawa
190. Abdulrzak Rim/Iyatawa
191. Abdulkadir Damari
192. Adamu Ali Damari
193. Abubakar Ahmad Damari
194. Ali Umar Jaji
195. Ishaq Umar Jaji
196. Salisu Umar Jaji
197. Hamisu Muhammad Jaji
198. Saminu Jaji
199. Basiru Salisu Jaji
200. Aminu Yunusa Zaria Wanka
201. Abdullahi M. Yunusa Zaria Wanka
202. Nura Nuhu Zaria Wanka
203. Abdullahi A. Adamu Zaria Wanka
204. Yahaya A. Sani Zaria Wanka
205. Ali Abdulmumini Zaria Wanka
206. Rukayya Nuhu Zaria Wanka
207. Mal Dahiru Zaria Wanka
208. Isiya Kinkiba Zaria Wanka
209. Salihu Badaru Zaria Marwa
210. Abdulkarim Bello Zaria Marwa
211. Dahiru Alaramma Zaria Marwa
212. Hamisu Abubakar Yakasai
213. Muhammad Jawad Yakasai
214. Rabi’u Adam Yakasai
215. Yusuf Adam Yakasai
216. Zainulabideen Abubakar Yakasai
217. Mashhad Zubair Yakasai
218. Aliyu Zaki Yakasai
219. Ibrahim Uwais Yakasai
220. Bashir Sa’ad Yakasai
221. Mukhtar Sabi’u Lambar Zango
222. Kabiru Mustapha Lambar Zango
223. Abba Sabitu Lambar Zango
224. Salisu Lambar Zango
225. Bashar Dandami
226. Isiya Dandami
227. Ja’afar Dandami
228. Nura Dauda Richifa
229. Sulaiman NEPA Richifa
230. Sulaiman Muhammad Richifa
231. Usman Aliyu Richifa
232. Ahmad Mohammad Richifa
233. Zuwaira Muhammad Richifa
234. Nura Alh. Dauda Richifa
235. Ibrahim Dauda Richifa
236. Munkaila Yusuf Richifa
237. Sha’ibu Bako Richifa
238. Rabi’u Muhammad Sani Richifa
239. Gambo Yusufi Richifa
240. Adamu Alhassan Richifa
241. Abdullahi Ibrahim Richifa
242. Abubakar Jibrin Richifa
243. Adamu Aliyu Richifa
244. Shamsu Shu’aibu Richifa
245. Adamu Aliyu Gadar Gayan
246. Adam Muhammad Zaria Kwarbai
247. Muhammad Awwal Iyal Zaria
248. Bakir Muhammad Iyal Zaria
249. Umar Abba Zaria
250. Sulaiman Haris Zaria
251. Ibrahim Dogo Zaria
252. Dalha Driver Zaria
253. Muhammad Sa’id Zaria
254. Ali Haruna Zaria
255. Ja’afar Amin Zaria
256. Kabir Muhammad Sani Zaria
257. Abdulkarim Musa Ali Zaria
258. Ibrahim Hashim Zaria
259. Fatima Amin Zaria
260. Rilwan Kurmin Kogi Zaria
261. Mu’azu Rilwan Zaria
262. Abdullahi Abbas Zaria
263. Abdurrazaq Abdulllahi Abbas Zaria
264. Abbas Abdullahi Abbas Zaria
265. Muhammad Abdullahi Abbas Zaria
266. Ahmad Abdulllahi Abbas Zaria
267. Ibrahim Abdullahi Abbas Zaria
268. Jawad Abdullahi Abbas Zaria
269. Junaidu Sabi’u Zaria (Shahid)
270. Atiku Ibrahim Zaria (Shahid)
271. Zakariyya Zaria (Shahid)
272. Yahaya Alaramma Zaria
273. Baba Shu’aibu Zaria Jushi
274. Anas Ibrahim Zaria Jushi
275. Anas Sulaiman Zaria
276. Abdulhamid Mukhtar Zaria Jushi
277. Abdulrazaq Sulaiman Zaria Jushi
278. Bara’u Sulaiman Zaria Jushi
279. Nuhu Sulaiman Zaria Jushi
280. Tasi’u Hamisu (Abba) Zaria Jushi
281. Tasi’u Salisu Zaria Jushi
282. Hamisu Idris Zaria Jushi
283. Mukhtar Hamisu Zaria Jushi
284. Zaharadeen Salisu Zaria Jushi
285. Muntaka Salisu Zaria Jushi
286. Sani Salisu Zaria Jushi
287. Sufiyanu Abdussalam Zaria
288. Usman Umar Zaria Jushi
289. Baban Babaye Zaria Jushi
290. Usman Wadata Zaria Jushi
291. Baraka Ishaq Zaria Jushi
292. Ammar Zaria (Al-Mustapha) Jushi
293. Salihu Zaria (Al-Mustapha) Jushi
294. Ammar Isa Goza Zaria Jushi
295. Ibrahim Sulaiman Zaria Jushi
296. Abdullahi Abubakar Zaria Jushi
297. Abba Sulaiman Zaria Jushi
298. Mubarak Danjuma Zaria Jushi
299. Shamsuddin Isa Zaria Jushi
300. Abba Zaria (Al-Mustapha) Jushi
301. Adamu Mika’il Zaria (Al-Mustapha)
302. Salihu Gidan Alhaji Alkalin Ja’e
303. Yusuf Yahaya Haris Zaria
304. Alh Na Gambo Yakana Zaria
305. Adamu Ibrahim Zaria Kusfa
306. Adam Ibrahim Mazangudu Zaria
307. Junaidu Sabi’u Zaria Kusfa
308. Musa Taikon Zaria Kusfa
309. Atiku Sabi’u Zaria Kusfa
310. Abdulkadir Ibrahim Zaria Kusfa
311. Abdullahi Ibrahim Zaria
312. Ibrahim Bara’a Zaria
313. Abubakar Isma’il Zaria
314. Abdulhadi Junaidu Zaria Albarkawa
315. Sani Sufi Zaria Unguwar Liman
316. Ibrahim I. Yusuf Zaria (Al-Mustapha)
317. Isa Suffi Zaria Unguwar Sirdi
318. Salmanu Abdullahi Zaria B/Kasuwa
319. Abdullahi Akto Zaria (Al-Mustapha)
320. Usman Muhammad Zaria Jushi
321. Yakubu Abdullahi Zaria
322. Abdullahi Adamu Wanka
323. Abdullahi Yunusa Wanka
324 Abdulkadir Ibrahim Zaria U/Bishar
325 Nusaiba Yaqub Magume, Zariya
326 Nusaiba Abubakar Abdullahi Sokoto
327 Fatima Ahmad Gashua
328 Ibrahim B. Yusuf Zaria
329 Mustafa H. Magajiya Fadama Zaria
330 Bello Umar Zaria Tudun Jukun
331 Sulaiman Mai nika Zaria T/Jukun
332 Umar Adamu Zaria Tudun Jukun
333 Yakubu Musa Zaria Tudun Jukun
334 Mu’azu Hamza Zaria Tudun Jukun
335 Sulaiman PZ Zaria (Al Mustapha)
336 Nasir Muhammad Gimi
337 Sukaina Ja’afar Gimi/ Soba
338 Ishaq Lawal Rumi
339 Shehu Rabi’u Rumi
340 Sulaiman Rumi
341 Ibrahim idris Rumi
342 Jamilu Abubakar Rumi
343 Sabitu A Saeed Rumi
344 Haruna M. Salisu Rumi
345 Abdulrashid Maiturba N/Doya
346 Sabi’u Shitu Danja
347 Salihu Musa Dabai/Danja
348 Ibrahim Abdullahi Dabai
349 Umar Ahmad Dabai
350 Rabi’u Ahmad Dabai
351 Abubakar Barwa Dabai
352 Aminu Ali Kudan
353 Salihu Sabon Layi Kudan
354 Mudasir Bala Kudan
355 Akil Bala Kudan
356 Amar Sani Kudan
357 Abdullahi Musa Kudan
358 Rabi’u Musa Kokami
359 Haruna Adamu Kokami
360 Dayyanu Salisu Kokami
361 Musa Rabi’u Kokami
362 Ishaq Lawal Hunkuyi
363 Shehu Rabi’u Hunkuyi
364 Ibrahim Idris Hunkuyi
365 Zaharadeen Abdullahi Funtua
366 Zailani Muhammad Funtua
367 Awwal Ahmad Funtua
368 Umar Shehu Funtua
369 Salahuddeen Salman Funtua
370 Hashimu Naturawa Funtua
371 Nasiru Naturawi Funtua
372 Hasan Yusuf Nabukka Funtua
373 Abdulrazaq Zayyan Nabukka Funtua
374 Muhammad Idi Nabukka Funtua
375 Khalid Salisu Nabukka Funtua
376 Mahdi Sani Ra’is Nabukka Funtua
377 Ibrahim Isa Nabukka Funtua
378 Ahmad Lawal Maiganji
379 Garba Haruna Maiganji
380 Awwal Ahmad Maiganji
381 Abbas Nasiru Maiganji
382 Mu’azu Mahuta
383 Saminu Tarzana
384 Bashir Adamu Tarzana
385 Awwal Yusuf Mairuwa
386 Abdullahi Ma’aruf Dikke
387 Mahdi Shehu Dikke
388 Salahuddin Ibrahim Dikke
389 Ibrahim Usman Kaduna
390 Mashakuru Shehu Tudun Iya
391 Bashir Mansir Kaduna
392 Muhammad Inuwa Jalabi Kaduna
393 Abubakar Abdullahi Kaduna
394 Hasan D. Usman Kaduna
395 Anas D. Usman Kaduna
396 Buhari Ismail Kaduna Barnawa
397 Mas’ud Tukur Kaduna Nasarawa
398 Abdul’aziz Abdulmumini Kaduna
399 Isa Yunus (Abba) Kaduna Malali
400 Ishaq Abdulkadir Kaduna Malali
401 Khalid Yahaya Kaduna Malali
402 Abdurrahman Yahaya Kaduna Malali
403 Kabiru Kawo Kaduna
404 Aliyu Kaduna H/Na’iya Kawo
405 Husaini Muhammad Aminu Kaduna
406 Aliyu Muhammad Kaduna
407 Abdul’aziz Haruna Kaduna
408 Muhammad Aminu Sani Kaduna
409 Musa Salisu (Coach) Kaduna Rigasa
410 Jaafar Habibu Kaduna Rigasa
411 Ibrahim Abuja road Kaduna Rigasa
412 Muhammad Rabi’u Kaduna Rigasa
413 Muhammad Jamilu Yahaya Kaduna
414 Nura Umar Kaduna Rigasa
415 Aliyu Zainul Abideen Kaduna
416 Hassan Nuhu Kaduna Rigasa
417 Haruna Nuhu Kaduna Rigasa
418 Sa’id Abdullahi Kaduna Rigasa
419 Usman Isa Kaduna Rigasa
420 Aliyu Umar Kaduna Rigasa
421 Bashir Adam Kaduna T/Wada
422 Ibrahim Ahmad Kaduna Badiko
423 Mika’il Yusuf Kaduna U/Rimi
424 Rabi’u Shu’aibu Kaduna Rigasa
426 Bashir Abdulmumini Kaduna Malali
427 Husaini Sa’idu Kaduna U/Muazu
428 Muhammad Awwal Kaduna Badiko
429 Ismail Sulaiman Kaduna ’Yan Kifi
430 Aliyu Ibrahim Taro-taro Kaduna
431 Saminu Ya’u Kontagora
432 Musa Labi Shehu Kontagora
433 Yakubu Dahiru Kaduna U/Mu’azu
434 Mu’azu Dahiru Kaduna U/Mu’azu
435 Mika’il Sulaiman Kaduna U/Mu’azu
436 Sa’idu Salihu Kaduna Kinkino
437 Ishaq Abdullahi Kaduna U/Mu’azu
438 Abu Jihad Isa Kaduna T/Wada
439 Nuhu Escort Kaduna
440 Abubakar Musa B/Yaro Kaduna
441 Bala Kaduna Kawo
442 Abbas Ishaq Kaduna Kawo
443 Idris Mando Kaduna Mando
444 Maimuna Mas’ud Kaduna Kakuri
445 Yusuf Badamasi Kaduna Kakuri
446 Habiba (Haj) Kaduna K/Mashi
447 Badaru Kaduna H/Danmani
448 Muhammad Auwal Yawale Suleja
449 Idris Ibrahim Suleja
450 Muhammad Mudassir Bala Suleja
451 Muhammad Mubarak Bala Suleja
452 Junaidu Umar Nahabu Suleja
453 Abdulrazak Ibrahim Suleja
454 Muhammad Adamu Suleja
455 Abdulgaffar Muhammad Suleja
456 Hasan Shehu Dandume
457 Sa’idu Sadau Dandume
458 Ibrahim Wanzam Dandume
459 Saifullahi Kabir Dandume
460 Abubakar Tsiga
461 Jibrin Abdu
462 Nuhu Ahmad Zarewa
463 Abdullahi Musa Kudan
464 Aminu Ali Kudan
465 Salihu Abdullahi Kudan
466 Kamal Magaji Kudan
467 Ammar Sani Kudan
468 Mudasiru Mustapha Kudan
469 Akilu Aliyu Kudan
470 Tahir Idris Kwaba
471 Badamasi Abdulhamid Falgore
472 Ibrahim Muhammad Maiturare
473 Hamisu Abubakar D/Magaji Zariya
474 Bello Magama Sokoto Zariya
475 Muhammad Salihu Pambeguwa
476 Ali Suleiman Pambeguwa
477 Abdulrashid Awwal Pambeguwa
478 Bashir Nuhu Babbarikaf
479 Abubakar Sa’idu Barbaji
480 Gambo Ya’u Barbaji
481 Ya’u. D. Dan’ayamaka
482 Aminu M. Kabir Makarfi
483 Isa Abdulkadir Gubuci
484 Bashir Yakubu Gubuci
485 Yakubu Alasan Makarfi
486 Zaharaddin Ibrahim Makarfi
487 Sabi’u Rabi’u Makarfi
488 Sabi’u Abdulkadir Makarfi
489 Nafi’u A. Usman Dan’ayamaka
490 Auwal Sabi’u Sabon Layi
491 Salahuddeen Salmanu Bakori
492 Bashir Adamu Bakori
493 Jamilu Abubakar U/Noma
494 Sabitu Abdulkarim U/Noma
495 Haruna Sabi’u U/Noma
496 Zayyanu Muhammad Kachilo
497 Auwal Mairuwa Kachilo
498 Alhaji Abubakar Sule Taba
499 Ibrahim Abdulhamid Taba
500 Abbas Muhammad Zaria Dakace
501 Muntari Abbas Zaria Dakace
502 Ibrahim Idris Zaria Dakace
503 Umar Dalhatu Zaria Dakace
504 Hauwau Dalhatu Zaria Dakace
505 Malam Umar Zaria Dakace
506 Saidu Musa Zaria Dakace
507 Abdulkadir Yusuf Zaria Dakace
508 Muazu Muhammad Zaria Dakace
509 Isyaku Muhammad Zaria Dakace
510 Ibrahim Suleiman Zaria Dakace
511 Adam Suleiman Zaria Dakace
512 Yakubu Nuhu Zaria Dakace
513 Idris Haliru Zaria Dakace
514 Kabiru Ibrahim Zaria Dakace
515 Umar Idris Zaria Dakace
516 Balarabe Adamu Zaria Dakace
517 Hayatudden Abubakr Zaria Dakace
518 Taikon Bala Zaria Dakace
519 Hussaini Musa Zaria Dakace
520 Salmanu Idris Zaria Dakace
521 Aminu Aliyu Zaria Dakace
522 Ibrahim Abdulllahi Zaria Dakace
523 Ibrahim Abdulhamid Zaria Dakace
524Ashahabu Yusuf Zaria Dakace
525 Shafi’u Yusuf Zaria Dakace
526 Rabilu Said Zaria Kwangila
527 Murtala Salisu (Driver) Zaria
528 Umar Gambo Zaria Kwangila
529 Umar Adam PZ (Motion) Zaria
530 Hashimu Gambo Tanimu Tohu
531 Fatima Mohd Lawan Zaria Tudun wada
532Auwal Sabi’u Kontagora S/rijiya
533 Rukayya Nuhu Soba
534 Kubra Sani Soba
535 Ummul Aiman Salisu Soba
536 Yahaya Muhammad Soba
537 Salisu Usman Soba
538 Hamisu Usman Soba
539 Rabilu Suleiman Soba
540 Badamasi Muhammad Soba
541 Muhammad Habibu Nasiru Soba
542 Ibrahim Yahaya Soba
543 Mujtaba Rabiu Soba
544 Sani KhalilSoba
545 Hamza idris Soba
546 Auwal Garba Nuhu Soba
547 Musa Tasi’u Soba
548 Mustapha Sani Soba
549 Ibrahim Kabir Soba
550 Mahdi Munkaila Soba
551 Muhammad Salisu Soba
552 Mubarak Dalhatu Soba
553 Mahdi Yunusa Soba
554 Yusuf Ishaq Soba
555 Alhassan Sani Soba
556 Adamu Usman Soba
557 Tukur Abdullahi Soba
558 Adamu Ibrahim Soba
559 Malam Tijani Shitu Soba
560 Ahmad Yahuza Soba Tashar Ice
561 Alhassan Sufi Soba
562 Abdulrauf Aminu Soba Tashar ice
563 Ibrahim Usman Soba tashar ice
564 Abubakar Salihu Barwa Soba
565 Yahaya Sale Barwa Soba
566 Abubakar Barwa Barwa Soba
567 Jamilu Salisu Soba Angwan Noma
568 Haruna Salisu
569 Ibrahim Yahaya Soba
570 Ja’afar Rabiu Gimba
571 Muhammad Idris Malumfashi
572 Abdussalam Bello Mani Malumfashi
573 Lawal Abubakar Giwa
574 Husaini Mikail Giwa
575 Mika’ilu Suleiman Giwa
576 Ukasha Idris Ibrahim Bauchi
577 Auwal Muhammad Auwal Bauchi
578 Aminu Abubakar Bauchi Jahun
579 Abubakar Iiliyasu Bauchi Rijiyan
580 Baffaji Usman Kumbi Bauchi
581 Mujahid Abdulkadir Adamu Bauchi
582 Muhammad Baffajo Soba Bauchi
583 Muhammad Abubakar Salihu Bauchi
584 Muhammad Musa Bauchi
585 Ukasha Muhammad Zakariya Bauchi
586 Ukasha Ibrahim Bauchi
587 Ukasha Muhammad Bauchi
588 Ishaq Adamu Bauchi
589 Naziru Tijani Umar Bauchi
590 Nura Haruna Bauchi
591 Zaharaddini Idris Dauda Bauchi
592 Zaharaddini Musa Bauchi
593 Abdulkarim Dambam Bauchi
594 Abdulkarim M. Lawal Dambua
595 Aminu Umar Jalingo
596 Baqir Musa Iliyasu Jalingo
597 Muhammad Abubakar Jalingo
598 Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi
599 Aminu Abdullahi
600 Ayyuba Ibrahim Kano Kurna
601 Alhaji Habib Muhammad Kano Kurna
602 Nafi’u Dauda Kano
603 Muhammad Murtada Kano
604 Hafiz Dauda Kano Kurna
605 Fatima Aliyu Minjibir Kano
606 Umar Faruk Abdullahi Kano
607 Yusuf Sani (Abba) Kano
608 Alhaji Ali Abdulhamid Kano
609 Alhaji Uba Abdulhamid Kano
610 Zaharadeen Usman Kano
611 Musa Abubakar Kano
612 Haruna Ishaq Kurna
613Aminu Yusuf Kano
614 Abdurrazak Abdullahi Kano
615 Baba Wuro Kano Naibawa
616 Saifullahi Abubakar Kano
617 Abba Hari Kano Naibawa
618 Muhammad Balarabe Kano
619Abdullahi Iliyasu Kano
620 Mu’azu Muhammad Kano
621 Ibrahim Ulama’u Kano
622 Ammar Katsina Kano Naibawa
623 Mustapha Abubakar Kano
624 Bashir Muhammad Kano
625 Musa Zaria Kano Naibawa
626 Bashir Sale Kano Naibawa
627 Mustapha Garba Kano
628 Musa Ibrahim Kano
629 Alhassan Adamu Kano
630 Hisbullahi Isa Kano
631 Aminu Abdulmutalib Kano
632 Nuhu Habibu Kano
633 Nasiru Garba Kano T/ Wada
634 Umar Abdullahi Kano
635 Alhassan Suleiman Kano
636 Abdurrahman Ismail Kano
637 Bilya Rabi’u Kano T/ Wada
638 Muhammad Bashir Kano T/Wada
639 Hujjatullah Bashir Kano T/Wada
640 Zailani Ali Kano T/Wada
641 Sammani Misbahu Kano
642 Yusuf Garba Kano Sabon titi
643 Ibrahim Sarki Kano Sabon titi
644 Yahaya Garba Sarki Kano
645 Abdulmalik Safiyanu Kano
646 Abubakar Ishaq Kano
647 Mansur Adam Kano Sabon titi
648 Sani Ibrahim Kano T/Wada
649 Mukhtar Ibrahim Kano T/Wada
650 Ishaq Ibrahim Kano T/Wada
651 Shehu Ibrahim Kano T/Wada
652 Abdullahi Ibrahim Kano T/Wada
653 Abdullahi Musa Kano T/Wada
654 Iliya Ja’afar Kano T/Wada
655 Mubarak Yahaya Kano T/Wada
656 Muhammad Bello Abdullahi Kano
657 Tukur Shehu Kano T/Wada
658 Usman Shafi’u Kano T/Wada
659Abdulkarim Umar Kano T/Wada
660 Hasan Tukur Kano T/Wada
661 Abdulkadir Ayuba Kano T/Wada
662 Sani Shehu Kano T/Wada
663 Musa Hassan Kano T/Wada
664 Nasiru Muhammad Kano T/Wada
665 Suraj Khalid Kano T/ Wada zone
666 Abubakar Usman Kano T/Wada
667 Ayuba Bawa Kano T/Wada
668 Kabiru Abubakar Kano T/Wada
669 Isma’il Abdullahi Kano T/Wada
670 Awwalu Shu’aibu Kano T/Wada
671 Bashir Musa Kano T/Wada
672 Surajo Shu’aibu Kano T/Wada
673 Musa Nasiru Kano T/Wada
674 Yakubu Hussaini Kano T/Wada
675 Isa Shehu Kano T/Wada
676 Rabi’u Murtala Kano T/Wada
677 Alhassan Ado Kano T/Wada
678 Ibrahim Usman Kano T/Wada
679 Alhaji Aminu Yusuf Kazaure
680 Alhaji Shafi’u Alhassan Kazaure
681 Lawan Umar Kazaure
682 Aliyu Lawan Umar Kazaure
683 Bakir Adam Kazaure
684 Murtala Tambari Kazaure
685 Kabiru Ahmad Kazaure
686 Aliyu Lawan Dambatta
687 Abubakar Idris Tsangaya
688 Abubakar Abdullahi Rano
689 Malam Zakariya Gargai
690 Nusaiba Shafi’u Alhassan Kazaure
691 Muhammad Dahiru Dan Hassan
692 Aliyu M. Sani Tafawa
693 Sani Abdullahi Wangara
694 Tajuddeen Muhammad Isah Nasarawa
695 Sabi’u Muhammad Nasarawa
696 Haruna Isah Tafawa
697 Abdulkadir Muhammad Karaye
698 Naziru Ibrahim Shuwaki, Kunchi
699 Yusuf Usman Karaye
700 Zakariyya Tukur Bichi
701 Abba Yunusa Nasarawa
702 Shu’aibu Sa’idu Madobi
703 Abubakar Hussaini Shanono
704 Rabi’u Muhammad Walawa
705 Ali Muhammad Dahur Sara