3 Reasons Lai Mohammed Said Nigerians Have Not Started Seeing The Promised Change

Lai Mohammed

According to the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, all Nigeria needs for her Gross Domestic Product, GDP, to hit $2 trillion by 2030 from its present N514 billion, is for the country to reduce corruption to the level of Ghana and Malaysia. The Minister also noted that eradicating corruption isn’t something only President Buhari can do but that all hands must be on deck. Having analyzed his speech while addressing members of the Advertising Association of Nigeria, ADVAN, and Association of Marketing Directors of corporate organisations and a sectoral body of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, APCON, INFORMATION NIGERIA has highlighted 3 interesting things he said…

– Mr. Mohammed said that although the All Progressives Congress, APC campaigned on the change mantra, the change mantra has been largely misunderstood by Nigerians. He said Nigerians misinterpreted it to mean that as soon as Buhari is sworn in, immediately things will change in Nigeria.

– He stated that Nigerians cannot continue to do things the same way and expect different results. Indiscipline and corruption are not restricted to people at the top. He further stated that each Nigerian has a role to play if the change must happen.

– He added that the malaise called corruption cuts across gender, age and professions adding that an “average Nigerian with opportunity will likely cheat, hence the need for government’s plan to introduce what he described as father of all campaigns, a national orientation campaign tagged: ‘Change begins with me’ to be spearheaded by the President himself.


Does this sound like a good idea or a total waste of time???


  1. Lai Mohammed should know that the highest corruption in humanity is lack of integrity. When someone cannot stand on his statements. At his age irrespective of whose ox is gored and political patronage, he can’t call a spade a spade. What is the difference between President Buhari’s frivolous and lack of result oriented foreign trips and corruption?

    • As at the time of campaign and before assuming the reins of governance, Buhari and Osinbajo couldn’t have envisaged the unprecedented level of looting, indiscipline and corruption which they met. The result is an empty treasury coupled with unprecedentedly low oil price. Yet, Buhari is trying his best for the country. He didn’t create the problem he is trying to fix. Because he is focussed, he will succeed. Nigerians need to be more patient and give him maximum support to rein in the looters and their loot and to free the necessary money for development. Be patient!


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