4 Things Borno State Government Wants You To Know About Boko Haram’s New Scheme

The Borno State government has raised the alarm that the terrorist group have devised a new scheme to lure innocent citizens to their deaths. The state government has since issued a warning to make citizens aware and cautious of this new scheme by the deadly terrorist group. Doing our part in sensitizing Nigerians about this new scheme, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the 4 things Borno state government wants its people to know…

– Collaborators and sympathizers of Boko Haram insurgents have devised a means of misleading innocent citizens, particularly women in some parts of Borno State, by telling them to go and make photocopies of their permanent voter’s card and submit them in anticipation of the sum of six thousand naira to be paid to them by the Independent National Electoral Commission and other political stake-holders.

– The motive behind this dubious step is to mobilize innocent citizens, particularly women into gathering at business centers and other places to make it convenient for insurgents who have been fleeing from military bombardment, to disguise and embark on suicide missions aimed at taking the lives of innocent persons.

– The Government noted that with the huge successes being recorded by the Nigerian armed forces, fleeing insurgents who now operate from the positions of weakness due to decline in their numbers, plot suicide attacks on soft targets in order to use less members of their sect to inflict pains on many innocent citizens.

– Government therefore urged citizens to completely disregard any call for making photocopies and submission of permanent voter-cards as well as any call for them to assemble in any business or any place for that matter as there is no such requirements by the INEC or any institution of Government, unless such is coming from official quarters which will be communicated through recognized media platforms particularly Radio, Television, Newspapers and some established online media houses.

The Government enjoins good citizens to spread this public alert using all lawful means including the social media with a view to jointly working against terrorism to enhance our collective security.

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