5 Lies Nigerian Parents Tell Their Daughters To Keep Them In Check

A female child in a Nigerian home is the pride of her parents and as such, they do all they can to imbibe the right values into her, so she doesn’t bring ‘disagrace’ to the family. In doing so, many parents resort to very unconventional ways keeping their daughters in line. It isn’t rare to hear a Nigerian mother say ‘who was that boy you were talking to outside, at your age I wasn’t talking to any boy’ . All these just to mold her into a descent girl. Reminiscent of how most Nigerian girls were brought up, INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece talks about the weird ways Nigerian parents pass serious warnings to their female child(ren)…

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If you go close to boys, you will get pregnant: When a Nigerian mom say this, she means it like literally. The girl would only have to grow up to understand that getting close to a boy is not as literal as she was made to believe.

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Don’t listen to boys, they just want what’s between your legs: Nigerian mom can swear to their daughters that all a boy wants is to have a bite of the cookey. No Nigerian girl ever pray for the day her mother or father or older relatives bumps into her talking to a boy on a lonely road. That in a young girl’s world is what is called tragedy.

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If you sit with boys, you will get pregnant: A Nigerian mom could tell her daughter that sitting on a guy’s lap is how babies are made. Believe me, no Nigerian girl still under her parents prays to be pregnant out of wedlock.


Lower your expectations: Nigerian mom sometimes ask their daughters to lower their expectations just so they don’t end up old and alone because they are made to believe that men do not like a women who is over ambitious.


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When the daughter has stomach upset and starts to throw up: This first question she would get from a very worried looking mother is ‘when was your last period?’ truth is, no matter how unwell, she (daughter) might be, she dare not stutter while answering the question.


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