5 Lucrative Agriculture Businesses You Could Go Into


Times are hard, the jobs are unavailable, the price of oil (Nigeria’s main source of revenue) has since crashed globally. The price of food items have gone up and the little income you earn is barely enough to see you through the month. The good news is, there are other things apart from white collar jobs that are guaranteed to earn you good money. There are trades like sewing, hair styling, car repairing and so on that could be learnt. However if you do not have an interest in sitting under anyone to learn, INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 5 very lucrative types of farming one could go into…


Cassava Farming: Cassava is a common source of food among Nigerians and garri is gotten from it. It is quite difficult to determine whether Nigerians eat more rice than garri or vice versa. Apart from garri, there are a lot more that can be gotten from cassava. The good thing with cassava is that, it flourishes on nearly all lands in Nigeria and if the land is well managed, one could make thousands of Naira from its production.


Plaintain Plantation: Unlike cassava, you only need to plant it once and after that it keeps producing on its own. Most Nigerian families eat plaintain almost as much as they eat rice. Plaintain, also known as dodo can be eaten with rice or beans. As long as the food is popular in Nigeria, one is sure to make huge income from it.


Poultry Farming: A lot of people have mis-managed the business that it has planted fear in other people to venture into. Poultry Farming is a very lucrative business as 70% of poultry consumption in Nigeria is based on importation. Imagine supplying poultry meat and eggs to yoru area – imagine the profit you would make.

Catfish pepper soup

Catfish farming: The business is still widely untapped in Nigeria today because a lot of people are not getting it right. Study its production properly and delve into it, you’ll be amazed how much smile will be on your face when you go to the bank.


Goat looking at camera, attentive.

Goat Farming: Rear goats in commercial quantity and make millions yearly. The truth is, people make more investing in Agriculture than in other sectors of the Nigerian econmomy.

Take a look at these few and make up your mind on which appeals to you more and you will be glad you did!!


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