5 Reasons Buhari Said He Regrets Being Nigeria’s President


President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said that with the quantum of problems his administration inherited, he sometimes wondered why he had to seek power at this time. It is in light of this that INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 things that he said about his present administration.

1. Buhari said he wondered why oil, which used to sell for over $140 per barrel, would reduce to $30 per barrel during his time as the President.

2. Buhari said he always prays to God to be merciful to the over 170 million Nigerians who are exposed to poverty, illiteracy and other social ills.

3. Buhari also said ”why is it that it is when they made the country insecure that I returned”?

4. He equally expressed his regret about not coming into power when the treasury was still full.

5. The President, however expressed excitement  over his administration’s success at mopping up over N2.2trn as of January through the Treasury Single Account arrangement.

Do you agrree with him?



  • It’s Allah will for PMB to come at this present moment to save Nigeria from sinking to galore ,Allah will continue to guide, protect ND grant u prophet sulaiman wisdom to carry the cross nd bring Nigeria to the glory shore

  • Na so….wen u were crying change u didn’t knw dat d treasury was empty abi…wen u were making promises 2 change d nation for the better u didn’t knw dat d treasury was empty ni?…….wen u were contesting 4 d election of d president u didn’t knw what u were getting into abi…abi dem cover ur eye??……nt up to one year in govt nd u r regretting being d president @ dis particular tyme……..mr president dere r some statements we expect nd do not expect frm you……can u imagine…did u not knw dat d country was insecure b4 u contested 4 presidency??…….abeg……

    • Well said Emeka. Nobody should listen to Buhari. No brain, no vision, no progressive tactics, only bully tactics. No wonder. He even avoided presidential debates. He either resign now or do something positive and stop whining.

  • Yes… I agree with my president… They spoil n currupt d country, invert people thinking n reasoning along reliegion n ethnic parabolic manner.. But Alhamdulillah.. We seeing it shape nationally n International… The like of emeka 419trainee n wuru wuru life can neva appreciate PMB. ride on.. My hero, slow n steady we r going there.. I salute ur marah….

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