5 Secondary School Mates No One Ever Want To Meet Again (Like Ever)



Anyone who attended secondary school in Nigeria definitely has a long list of people they miss, love and those they never want to set their eyes on, like ever. Secondary days are days no Nigerian can forget in a hurry because it comes with its own thrills and looks like it may never end, but when it does, you miss it but no one ever wants to go back. Especially because of some kind of people who just make life miserable. These are the people INFORMATION NIGERIA is beaming the light on, in this piece…

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The overzealous Students: These ones make it their life duty to inform a teacher whose period has ended that the next period is free and may continue, if he wants. No one ever likes this type of person.


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Teacher’s best: There is always that one student almost every teacher loves and every student hate. Student just don’t get why the teachers make a fuss about those students. It is even worse when the teacher dedicates 50% of lecture time to praise them.


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The Genius: These ones have a way of making every other student in the whole class look stupid and worthless. They are always the first to finish a class exercise, answer a question, comprehend a rigorous maths lecture, score an A in every subject, while everyone else just tags along.


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The bullies: Some people still have a very strong hatred for these ones. The bullies made everyday at school a nightmare.

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The ‘wicked’ Teacher: Some secondary school teacher can vent their anger by flogging the hell out of student at least that was how students saw it. Those teachers could actually win prize for flogging, just one single lash from them is enough to make you speak in tongues and absoluelt no one like them then.

Over to you guys, what didn’t you like about secondary school????



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