5 Things Nigerians Say About The Nigerian Police

Nigerian police means different things to different people, while some believe most of the Nigerian Policemen lack proper training and have helped in modernizing crime in Nigeria, others believe so many people in the Nigerian Police force today got in, not primarily because they are keen on helping to maintain law and order but just a job to bring bread to their table. Nigerians see the police in different capacities and INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 things an average Nigerian says about the police in this piece…

– The police is not your friend: Because many Nigerians have seen the very ugly sides of a lot of these ‘men in black’, such as infringing on their fundamental rights by beating suspects so much that they false false confessions about crimes they know nothing about, or harassing them with the riffle. The truth is most Nigerians don’t trust the police.

– The police to many Nigerians is the most corrupt Government agency. It is often believed amongst Nigerians that the police is the fastest agent of propagating bribery and corruption in Nigeria. The sad part is that ordinary Nigerians, not the rich suffer the injustice.


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– Drawing from trends they’ve seen play out, Nigerians belief that the police show so much dexterity to arrest a traffic offender but would completely disappear when armed robbers show up. There favourite phrase is ‘anything for the boys’.

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– ”Bail is free’ is one thing you’ll always find on the walls of every police-station in Nigeria. However, this phrase is only true on the wall as you would have to pay to get anyone out of police custody.

True or false???