6 Beautiful Presents You Can Get Your Boyfriend/Husband This Valentine


OK ladies it is time to step up your game and show the brothers that you are not only made to receive the best presents but can give some too. This time you should change the status quo from boxers and singlet to something more special and truth is, it is wouldn’t have to break the bank. So for the sake of this year’s Valentines’ day, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 amazing presents you could give to your special someone…

Cologne: There are a lot of good brand out there that don’t cost too much. So why don’t you go to your favourite store this week and buy a good one for your man this Valentine.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right? So if the saying is true, then it would do you good to hop into town and buy some food stuffs to make something special for your man this Valentine.

Wristwatch: Most men love watches and you would score very high in his book, if you go all out and buy him a nice wrist watch this February 14th.

It is the era of wearing African attire. With the different styles of Danshiki available everywhere, why don’t you buy a good material, take it to any good male tailor you know around and have it sewn for him.

If your man is into playing games such as FIFA or PES, and you can afford it then you should  buy him the latest FIFA ’16 – Truth is, you would be the one begging him to go out sometimes because he would be spending a lot of time indoors.

Shoes Every Man Needs

A nice pair of shoes: Just look closely at what he really like, be it Chukkas, Loafers, sneakers, Birkenstocks etc. Just get him one of those and he (including you) will be happier for it.

So ladies, surprise your Nigerian bae with any of these, this valentine and we are positive he would totally love it!



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