6 Desperate Steps A Nigerian Girl Would Take To Get MARRIED


As soon as an average Nigerian girl passes the age of 27 and is still unmarried especially when her friends are already settling down, she starts feeling the pressure. Pressure heaps on her to drop her last name for a new one. Societal and family stance on the marriage issue doesn’t help either, hence an average Nigerian girl goes into a frenzy and some of them would do the most crazy things to make marriage happen for them. Information Nigeria in this piece brings to you 6 rather desperate steps a girl could take to get hitched…


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Endorsing any man: Whether the man falls into the category of people they like/want stops to matter and all that matters is whether the man is willing to marry them. They tend to overlook intricate details of the man and focus on making the man propose.


Pretense: They become someone else – they transform themselves to suit the likes and desires of the man and hide all their flaws and weaknesses just so he’d she’s the one for him. She would also pretend to be blind to all his flaws and would never argue with him, making him believe she does not nag.




Trapping him with pregnancy: Many a-times, this doesn’t work. Even if it works, the end is never the best. In desperation, aging ladies would deliberately get pregnant for a man thinking it would force him into marrying her. Some marriages in Nigeria today came into existence with this old school method.



Fighting couple


Luring the man: Some women would either just frustrate the man into marry her by tormenting him everytime with ‘when are getting married tales’, making every conversation revolve around tying the knot, proposing to take care of the financial cost of the wedding, threatening to breakup with him if he doesn’t propose (this backfires more often than it works).



Befriending his family: This one is very common. She makes his family fall so hard in love with her by buying them presents, cooking delicacies, washing and cleaning, etc. The whole idea is to make the family put pressure on him to marry her.



Becoming VERY Spiritual: She becomes very close to Jesus, not missing a day of church service and vigils, joining a department in church like ‘Ushering or being the lead vocalist in the church choir, all to win an unknowing brother.

Who can blame them, when all these Nigerian men want is to get milk for free and refuse to buy the cow. Some of them would literally start to fidget when the issue of marriage is brought up…

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