6 INTERESTING Observations Fayose Made About Buhari’s Government


Governor Ayodele Fayose who has been on a rampage attack President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration since its inception recently said that his administration has no clue about how to run the country’s economy. Fayose had said that the All Progressives Congress- led federal government was still acting as if it is still in the opposition. The Governor made this known while speaking on The Osasu Show posted on YouTube on Friday. INFORMATION NIGERIA has reviewed the video and has brought you the interesting things Fayose noted about Buhari’s government…

– Buhari’s administration makes too much noise about corruption and what its done to the country. Fayose said his first counsel to the Federal Government is that they should stop the noise about corruption. The Federal Government should face the nation’s economy and build it. The government needs to be sincere about the economy than playing to the gallery.

– He said Buhari wants to diversify and he’s taking more than N150 billion to explore oil in the North; that shows a leader that is sectional. Fayose said when we want to diversify we diversify the country’s economy and not an economy that is sectional.”

– Buhari’s war against terrorism is selective. Fayose however said, “every war against corruption is welcome by me but in the situation whereby it is selective, political, it will be counterproductive. Cases like Halliburton is in the public domain, we cannot shy away from it.

– Fayose pointed out that President Buhari is a dictator, adding that Buhari and the APC are operating as if they are still in opposition because they don’t have a clue on what to do to the economy.

– Buhari according to Fayose’s prediction is still in an analogue stage. He does not have a clue about the economy of Nigeria. The President does not understand economy. He can do everything simultaneously without rocking the boat of the whole country.

– Fayose said Buhari goes out of the country and tells the world and investors that the country is corrupt. He destroys his own people; who will come and do business with them?” the governor asked.

Do you agree???


  1. I disagree about Buhari telling the whole world Nigeria is corrupt.

    He wasn’t there when Nigeria was rated one of the topmost corrupt country?
    Are we not all corrupt? Yes most of us 95% Nigerians are corrupt from the bread seller on the road side to the governing counsel in the Villa just a few of us live with a conscience and have integrity.

    If he doesn’t deal with Corruption the root cause of the down fall of the Nation’s economy, How then can He build the economy when some others keep pulling him down. Criticizing will not move us forward. We need a rule in a different direction; if the old method hasn’t yielded tangible results


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