7 FUNNY Misconceptions About Yoruba People

Almost every one Nigeria either has a Yoruba friend, or went to school with one or lives in the same house or neighbourhood with one or is in a relationship with one or married to one. There is hardly anyone in Nigeria, who has not come in contact with the a Yoruba person. This is due largely to their huge population and also the fact that the Yorubas are scattered in different parts of Nigeria. However, there are certain conceptions or misconceptions about these group of people which many Yoruba person would love to argue aren’t true. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 7 of those notions…


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Yoruba Men Love Women: People always say Yoruba men love women and can never ever stay with one woman through out their life as they often end up marrying one and having several others as concubines.


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Yoruba Women are promiscuous: Yoruba women have been tagged as the most promiscuous women in Nigeria. Some people say it is common practice for a Yoruba woman to be married and still have sexual affair with other men. Some people even allege that the man to whom they are married, sometimes know the men their wife have extra-marital affair with.

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Yorubas are dirty: It is a popular belief that Yoruba people are dirty. Anyone who is Yoruba to other tribes in Nigeria are seen to be very dirty.


Yoruba People from Ijebu are Stingy: It is common for you to hear people say someone who is frugal is an Ijebu man or woman. Yoruba people who are not Ijebus even accuse the Ijebus of being stingy.


Yorubas don’t have guts: It is not uncommon to hear people say an average Yoruba man is just like a toothless bull dog that only barks but can’t bite. Yoruba people are believed to have the ability to start trouble and disappear right in the thick of it.




Yoruba People are very fetish: This should be the first on this list, however since we are not making a ranking, it can come anywhere. A lot of Nigerians have this belief that an average Yoruba person cannot do without consulting a babalawo or Ifa priest.

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Yoruba people love parties: There is the saying that a Yoruba person could run into debts just to throw a party. According to popular belief, Yorubas would throw a party for any occasion from naming to wedding, to house-warming to graduation, to accomplishing something to winning a lotto to death etc. A Yoruba person loves party (Owambe) too much. Even the party name, Owambe that every tribe in Nigeria has adopted for party has a Yoruba origin.

True or false????


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