7 Things Nigerians Know Too Well About Themselves

Nigerians are physically, mentally and psychologically strong people. Anyone who can live successfully with epileptic power supply, bad roads, expensive health care, and incomplete daily (3-square) meals/balanced diet and still hopes for the best, definitely qualifies to be called strong. Nigerians know these and even more about themselves and their country. For instance, there are certain things Nigerian need not be told, he/she just knows and acts accordingly. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together some of these things…

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– Nigerians know that when prices of items shoot up as a result of some forces like fuel scarcity or high exchange rate, the prices never ever come down to what they were even if the cause of the rise is no more.

– Nigerians know that you don’t really need to pay the total amount on the electricity bill, all you have to do is pay some every time your bill is brought.

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– Nigerians know that every parent is free to spank their child for bad behaviour and there’s no 911 that’ll question their judgement.

– Nigerians know that bail isn’t free even though it is boldly written on the walls of most police stations.


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– Nigerians know that they cannot afford to handle their purses or wallets carelessly because they are in the church because, as it can be stolen as fast as when you are in a club.

– Some Nigerians still believe that food cooked on firewood is more delicious than the one cooked on gas or kerosene stove.

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– Lastly, every Nigerian has at least one house they use on their way back to check if there’s light in the area.

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