Advertising On Blackberry Messenger (BBM) And Other Mobile Platforms In Nigeria – Olufemi Balogun


Have you ever clicked an Advert you saw on your BBM or while browsing the internet? If so, it simply means that you are a part of the new and invincible generation, in tune with digital reality.

Our world is changing; there’s no wisdom in denying that. The Mobile Phone is here to stay and it has become an integral part of everyone’s life. In fact, there’s a high chance you are reading this on your own Mobile phone right now.

As an Advertiser, I’m sure you’ve compared the efficacy of Digital Media with that of Traditional media; that is, you’ve asked yourself which is more effective, advertising on Radio and Television or advertising on Facebook, Google and BBM?

Let me help you resolve this problem with an analogy.

‘A man wanted to travel to South Africa for a business opportunity. He had all his bags packed but still had one major obstacle before him; he had to cross the geographical distance between Nigeria and South Africa. He had two options: to fly there with an Airline or to be driven there in the most luxurious Car. After thinking hard for a few seconds, it was obvious that flying there was the more effective option.’

In the same way, Digital media is more effective than Traditional media; when advertising with digital media, you are flying to your business opportunities and not just driving. You get to your destination directly, without having to stop by anywhere.


With digital media you get to target your market by Age, Gender, and Geographical location; you get your Product/Service to the minds of the potential Customer, directly. You place your Advert on a platform where the Customer can, not only have a view, but also take action and make purchases.

I’ll advise you fly, rather than drive.

As the Sales Consultant for BBM Ads in Nigeria, I can assure you that the results generated from BBM campaigns supersede those generated from any other traditional and digital media platform, including Facebook and Instagram.

With BBM, you get premium impressions; your Ad is only displayed when a User is scrolling through their Feeds and they get to see it in full view. On some other digital platforms, your Ad is not as clearly displayed and you get a lot of wasted impressions.

With BBM, an impression is only counted when a User actually looks at your Ad, without moving his screen, for 3 seconds.

The current rate is now $3.50c per thousand impressions and you will need a minimum budget of $1000 but you will be getting the best out of that money.

Another major advantage that BBM Advertising has over other digital media platforms is the BBM channels. You can grow your BBM channel with little or no effort every time you run an Advertisement campaign.

BBM Channels have been proven to drive more traffic to websites and blogs than Facebook Pages or Twitter handles.

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