Arms Fund Scam: I’ll Testify Against Dasuki, Okonjo-Iweala, Others At ICC – Sen. Ndume

Ali Ndume

The senator representing Borno South District on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Ali Ndume, has declared support for the move by Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN), to petition the International Criminal Court in The Hague, over the misapplication of funds meant to fight Boko Haram by some officials of the past administration.

Ndume, who is the Senate leader, said he would willingly testify at the ICC against those mentioned in Mr. Falana’s petition.

It would be recalled that the Senior Advocate of Nigeria and human rights activist had in a petition dated January 19, 2016 and sent to the Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, requested the Court to “investigate allegations of crimes against humanity committed against the Nigerian people by some former and serving military as well public officials and private persons who engaged in the criminal diversion of $8 billion earmarked to procure equipment for the armed forces to fight insurgency”.

Specifically, Mr. Falana mentioned a former National Security Adviser, NSA, who is currently standing trial for the alleged diversion of over $2.1 billion arms deal funds, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.) and former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as persons of interest the ICC should probe.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Trust, Sen. Ndume said: “We are supporting the government in the investigation and recovery of the funds. In fact, we are saying the government should take the case to Hague”.

While hailing Falana, who represented majority of the soldiers and officers charged with mutiny, cowardly behaviour and sundry offences before the courts-martial, for petitioning the ICC, the Senate leader said “If need be, I’m willing to testify at the ICC against those who collected the money meant for the Boko Haram war. This is because I am a victim too. We stand by Falana and we are going to support him to pursue the case at the ICC. We are not surprised that Falana has taken the case further because he is always by the side of the oppressed”.

The senator also accused all those indicted in the probe of the alleged misappropriation of the arms fund of being Boko Haram sponsors.

“As far as we are concerned, these people shared blood money. Borno elders have made our position known on this through a statement they issued. We stand by our elders’ statement that anybody who shared from the money meant for the purchase of arms to fight Boko Haram, is part of the sect, or they are sponsors of the sect.  There are classes of Boko Haram – the army of Boko Haram, the supporters of Boko Haram and the sponsors of Boko Haram. Those people that shared the money for the purchase of arms are part of Boko Haram”, he stated.



  • Now Ali Ndume and all his allies that are behind the scene insurgence have no point here. How come Ali Ndume have not been able to arrest Boko Haram’s massasscre in Borno, and would not effect any solution until now that he is now so-called supporting Falana. Ali and Falana are playing games, they can’t fool Nigerians anylonger. Shame on this Ali guy.
    Falana’s claims against Iweala are baseless and unfounded. Since this guy Falana had gotten involved in Ekiti Statae’s politics, his sense of judgement and reasoning has been beclouded by politricking, and his ORIGINAL passion for Human Rights have been AMPUTATED with incorehent, unintelligible, illogical, dummy, empty-headed personal interest marred claims! Drop the untrue aspersions being cast by Falana, the guy is CURRENTLY A POLITICAL ERAND-BOY!!! If there is anybody Falana wants to bring to book, it should be GEJ, not Iweala, that woman is very incredible. Femi Falana’s mouth is currently being serviced by some cabal of evil Politicians!!! THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL FALANA’S NOISE-MAKING WILL SOON BE UNFOLDED.

  • Shame on Senator Ali Ndume!!! What impact has he made on Borno, his people down there at the grassroot in Borno do not even accept him, he has been very silent all the while until the frontier of the GAMERS the person of Femi Falana began to make noise that he suddenly felt he can testify. Shame on this guy. Somebody should help stone this Malam! Charity begins at home. If you want to know a true, honest, sincere, and genuine leader, DO NOT ask of him outside, do not read his write-ups- simply because all of those can be FAKED, ask about him AT HOME & AT HIS WORK PLACE. Whatever it was that made Falana loose the Governorship election in Ekiti Stata, WHATEVER it is that made makes him UNABLE TO BE WORKED-WITH in his Lawyer, whatever makes FEMI FALANA TO WORK HIS LAWYERS-OUT WHILE HE PAYS THEM #20, 000/ #25,000 IN Falana’s Lawfirm, WHATEVER MAKES Femi Falana’s son to be OUTRIGHTLY DISINTERERSTED IN HIS FATHER’S work / company MEANS, Falana IS AN EXTREMELY GREEDY & CORRUPT Lawyer. Not even Falana’s Kinsmen in Ekiti can repose their confidence on him, such that EKITI people prefers to vote-in an “Agbero” to be their governor other than the so-called Human Right Activist. Summary of the story; It does not lie in the mouth of FALANA to SPEAK A WORD about aspersions at all!!!

  • We the people of Borno state, we are ready to drag the shameless Sen Ndume to Court and to testify against him for earning fat salaries, riding fat cars, travelling with strong security personnels, while his people here are being slaughtered for nothing by their political terrorist Groups, and now only for him to say he wants to join Falana in the empty political campaign against Iweala. Mrs Okonjo has NOTHING TO DO WITH BORNO STATE, IN FACT, IT IS SENATOR ALI NDUME THAT FEMI FALANA SHOULD DRAG TO COURT AND NOT IWEALA, BECAUSE, ALI NDUME HAS FAILED THE PEOPLE OF BORNO . Mr Falana also said in his humorous epistle; admitting that some money were released for the Arms Deal during Iweala’s regimes, by the due procedure but the Arms were not purchased. That was where Falana really missed it; Is it Okonjo that will go to the market to purchase Arms??? Oga Falana, is Iweala your Office attendant ??? Mr Falana, do you think everybody is like you, entering Mr Biggs in Abuja by yourself so as to ensure that your driver will not pocket your #50 change??? AWKWARD MENTALITY IS DISTURBING Falana! Nonesense!

  • Falana or whatever he calls himself should go and sit down. What is the issue about arresting Okonjo-Iweala, when he, in fact, is the one to be arrested? What does he want if not relevance? I doubt if Falana with all his qualification as SAN, can ever meet with Bill Gates or get his name on Forbes list, like Okonjo-Iweala.

  • What jargon is this Sen Ali saying? Doesn’t he have any shame at all? Ndume’s gimmicks and evil will very soon unfold, let him be making unintelligible sentences there. “All of una, na thief you be”. Can Falana do up to 1/3rd of things Iweala achieved? Let me just say that, Falana LACKS the minutest of knowledge about administration. While he is good at raising malicious and unconfirmed aspirsions, Madam Okonjo has well succeeded as a renowned and a TRANSGENERATIONAL Financial Manager. She is WELL recognized beyond Nigeria on the international scrutiny, Okonjo Iweala is a JUST and ACCOUNTABLE Financial Manager. The woman has the proof and the documentary evidence on EVERY SINGLE financial administration. Habaa!!! CAN FALANA ACCOUNT FOR EVERY MONEY HE HAS COLLECTED FROM ALL HIS CLIENTS SINCE HE STATED PRACTISING?

  • To achieve their evil propaganda objective of tarnishing her name, these evil elements have distorted the contents of a memo dated January 20, 2015 in which the former Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala responded to a request by the former National Security Adviser, Col Ibrahim Dasuki (retired) for funds to prosecute the terror war against Boko Haram.

  • The central responsibility of the Minister of Finance is to find sources of funding for the financing of approved national priorities such as security, job creation and infrastructure. The fact that some people don’t know this is quite unfortunate.

  • In everything, Iweala is better-off than Falana’s wife and Ali’s Ndume’s illeterate Alumangeri wife!!! Gbam!!! That means, whatever you cannot achieve in teaching YOUR WIFE, DON’T TRY TO TEACH SOMEBODY ELSE’S WIFE. Remove the LOG OF WOOD IN YOUR OWN EYES, BEFORE LOOKING AT THE SPECK THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN THE EYE OF YOUR NEIGHBOUR. This Ndume guy shoukd be given some strokes of Cane, because he lacks the credibility to raise his Goro stenching teeth.

  • Listening to time a wasting Sen Ndume who ought to proffer and execute practical solutions in order to end the insurgency is being given such a precious time to waste for them is intriguing. COMMON!!!
    It seems Falana doesn’t have briefs again, so this is the latest gimmick of LOOKING for clients, by attacking other people. Also, his facts are non-coherent, rhetorical jargons, and bad-hearted DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER is what Falana is doing. Honestly, if I were Okonjo, I would SUE Femi Falana for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER! Look, anybody can just wake-up from a death-sleep one day and raise their voice against you, that does not mean that they are right or correct! NIGERIANS should not be too hasty EVERY TIME ANY NONESENSE IS BEING SAID ABOUT PEOPLE! Stupid people!!!

  • Nduma didn’t think before talking. I am pretty sure that perhaps the guy just woke up from a fart-sleep before speaking, this is because, how can he say that he wants to testify AS WHO??? WHERE DID HE SEE SOMEBODY DIVERTING MONEY??? This guy has no knowledge of the Law. Na waa for the Morons making noise. Falana has always BEEN USING HIS WIFE TO PERPETUATE ALL MANNER OF CORRUPT, PROBABLE and CRIMINALLY Devilish acts in Nigeria and beyond. I bet it with Nigerians, THE TRUTH WILL SOON BE REVEALED ABOUT FEMI FALANA’s CRIMES!!! Madam Okonjo is absolutely clean, stop trying to use the woman as a scape-goat! Period!

  • Wonders will never end in this our country o! Is it not this same Ali Ndume that is being tried for being in constant communication with Boko Haram members? Isn’t he the one that had text messages on his phone communicating with the terrorists?

    I actually do not blame him. It is because we are in a country that presently has a weak judiciary, that’s why he’s still enjoying some level of freedom.

  • Senator Ndume is just a clown. Isn’t it shameful that he didn’t speak up against the terrorists? He didn’t even lift a finger when the past administration and other groups requested the intervention of Northern elders. And he’s now screaming to high heavens saying he would testify. Testify fire! He should better testify, so he would rope himself in. Not like he’s not already involved in the first place.

  • What! You mean Senator Ndume is talking? This is a Senator that is standing trial for sponsoring the activities of the insurgency in the north east of Nigeria which has killed thousands of people in that region. Someone should tell this man to keep his mouth shut and focus on his legislative duties.

  • Here we go again another corrupt politician blabbing on the media. Ali Ndume you are responsible for the unrest in this country, so you should be silent. It is only in a country like Nigeria that corrupt politicians like you move around blabbing.

  • My conclusion after reading this news is that Senator Ndume is just playing to the gallery! There is no sense in his statement that he would go to the hague to testify against Okonjo Iweala.

  • I will use the same words Jesus spoke to the hypocrites who wanted to stone that prostitute in the Holy Book. “Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone.” One thing struck me during this dialogue; I realised the so called religious men were filthier than the prostitutes. I would liken this to my dear so called orators who have done nothing more in the past few month than to speak evil of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, be ready to walk out and keep silent forever!

  • For a respectable citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who has never had any criminal record, nor has she been arrested at home or abroad for dabbling into any shady activities. It is therefore questionable to see the same woman being insulted one after the other by the same politicians she denied access to embezzle public funds.

  • I bet there is any other finance minister that has stood the test of time as Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has, yet she remains unblemished. I would like to leave a food for thought for her enemies, can any of you stand the heat and remain blameless.

  • I bet there is any other finance minister that has stood the test of time as Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has, yet she remains unblemished. I would like to leave a food for thought for her enemies, can any of you stand the heat and remain blameless.

  • Leave the law to decide if Madam Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is really responsible or a part of the arms deal saga, it is just a matter of time, every one involved in the deal would be dealt with by the law.

  • Shouldn’t there be a difference between the way a lawyer and a politician addresses a matter. I doubt if there is anything as common sense in the way our so called all-knowing leaders manage issues of corrupt practices, well I am unperturbed since they are guilty of the many offence they level at others, so who are they to judge anyway.

  • I am convince that Falana is as confused as Ndume who has no new stories to tell except the ones has cooked up in his head, including the ones his boss has added to his dumb brain. Good luck to you Ndume, remember to hire a lawyer like Baba Falana to defend you as you fall into the open arms of the law.

  • People are just disturbing themselves over Okonjo-Iweala, that woman is outstanding, her records are impeccable and her performance was excellent. All these nitpicking is to no avail.

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