Check out this 50 year old Glamorous grandmother

A grandma with youthful looks from south-west China has shocked internet users after her true age was revealed. Qin Ling, a mother of two and grandma of one from Chongqing, is welcoming her 50th birthday this year.


The age-defying woman says she has simple, non-expensive ways of looking young,, an affiliation with the People’s Daily Online.

Qin Ling’s daughters arranged a photo shoot for her birthday in last August and later uploaded her photos online which gained a lot of attention on social media.
Qin Ling is divorced and says because of her life as a single mother, she didn’t have any money to spend on maintaining her looks.
With her grand daughter
Speaking with Chinese media she said: ‘I pat my face down daily and sleep naked once a week.
Also I make a cucumber, yogurt, honey and pearl powder mask which is effective.’
The granny is set to appear on reality television show Mamma Mia, where mothers show off their talents.
The television show which aired yesterday in China showed Qin Ling appearing with her two daughters and granddaughter.
With her daughters

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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