Checkout These 9 INTERESTING Facts About Bread

Almost everybody in Nigeria eats bread. And just like Olajumoke Orisaguna, who literally walked into stardom by hawking bread, a lot of Nigerians whether they hawk it or not can’t go a day without the stable food. Tiwa Savage during a chat with TVC Entertainment on their show “TVC Connect Meets..” mentioned that she loves bread. And just like Tiwa many of you out there are bread lovers and INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 9 facts, you probably didn’t know about bread…

1. Breads, and particularly flatbreads, have been around for centuries. Flatbreads date back to the Ancient Egyptians. Pita bread has been in existence for at least 12,000 years in Middle-Eastern countries.

2. Bread was so important to the Egyptian way of life that it was used as a type of currency. Even more interesting is the fact that they revered it so much they would often place it in the tombs of their dead.

3. Bakers were powerful credit brokers during the Middle Ages in France. They often loaned out bread as currency and as a form of credit. King Louis IV said, “He who controls a nation’s bread is a greater ruler than he who controls their souls.”

4. Bread knows no cultural bounds. Across nearly every race, country and religion, bread is seen as a peace offering, and is used in countless religious ceremonies.

5. When first sold, sliced bread was advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”. This led to the popular phrase “the best thing since sliced bread”.

6. The name sandwich came from the Earl of Sandwich—he granted the use of his name for this novel concept of meat between bread way back in the 1700s, and it’s persevered as a favorite food of people around the world.

7. In 1943 a member of the U.S. government decided to ban sliced bread, for reasons that still remain unclear. It was an unpopular idea to say the least, lasting only a short time. The worst idea since sliced bread?

8. If you’ve ever heard the expression “kiss the cook”, you should know it’s not that simple—according to cultural legends, if you eat the last piece of bread at a meal, it’s your responsibility to plant one on the cook.

9. Mankind has been eating a baked combination of flour and water since at least 10,000BC.

There is a Swiss Proverb that says “Avoid those who don’t like bread and children,” interesting isn’t????


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