Church Forces Bride To Wear Yellow Wedding Gown Over 2 Weeks Pregnancy [PHOTO]


Hello Laila,

Anglican Church has been shamelessly promoting discrimination against women and i CAN NO LONGER KEEP QUITE. This rubbish going on in the Anglican church has to stop. Any form of gender bias is ungodly. This church mandate that couple who want to get married must go for pregnancy test 2 weeks before wedding and if the woman is found to be even a day pregnant then she will be humiliated while the husband who got her pregnant will go scoot free.

I am elated when my friend invited me to her wedding which was supposed to hold at All saints cathedral Onitsha. I was billed to serve as one of her train. Imagine my shock when I got there 3 days to the wedding day only to see my friend crying herself to bits. She has lost a lot of weight and would not eat or be consoled. When I inquired to know what was eating her up. She told me she was pregnant and I was like she should be celebrating after all her wedding was in 2 days time while her traditional wedding was done almost 2 months back. That was when she spilled the beans. She told me that the Church said that she would wear black wedding gown because she was not supposed to get pregnant before the wedding day. I was bemused. Worse is that they will not even inform you of this silly law until you must have paid the wedding fee of N30,000. At that point, They will only have you at their mercy because its already late for you to change venue and your invitation cards may have been all sent out.

The part that worries me greatly is that the women are the target of this new discriminatory law. This is the 21st century for crying out loud. Why would the bride alone be punished for something that bothe She and the groom did? Why would the groom be allowed to adorned his full tuxedo while the bride is forced into some hideous clothing.

Yes, No sex before marriage is good but honestly it is outdated to not understand your partners sexuality before marriage. Worse is that some impotent people hide under the guise of born again to deceive other innocent people into marriages. Now when you finally end up with a barren or impotent partner, the same church will tell you that you must never divorce. Hell no.

This lunacy must stop. The Anglican Communion must clean up its mess and stop attacking women.

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  • Please theres nothing wrong, if its the church doctrine members have to obey it, thats why we have a lot of churches so you can always make a choice, am not even a church goer but i believe you must respect rules and regulations wherever you belong. If you say its outdated not to have sex till marriage then you can as well tear out some parts of the holy bible.

  • Bullshit.. What is your stress madam.. No be by force to do church wedding.. It’s the church and they have the right to their rules.. You can’t enjoy two things I.e u can’t eat ur cake and have it.. If u want hear white wedding gown, don’t get pregnant.. Church wedding is not compulsory.. Know people who got married with just pastoral blessings and reception.. So.. It’s choice.. If u don’t like been forced to wear a wedding gown against ur will, you shouldn’t also force the church to accept ur prego body in their church.. If your hubby loves u.. He should remove his shirt and wear waistcoat only.. Nne park well biko

  • that is the extent to which d satan has decieved man. How can u say abstenance is out dated, that u need to understand ur partner sexually to prevent divorce in future. Who owns d future? Is it nt same God that prohibitd u frm going close to fornicatn n adultery? Same Him u are going to acct to on d day of reckoning. STAY AWAY FROM PREMARITAL AND EXTRA-MARITAL SEX

  • You people should stop posting rubbish online, if u don’t know anything about Anglican communion doctrine, You should stop talking irrationally about Anglican. Use your sense of judgment when posting things…… That is the doctrine, once the vicar discover that You are pregnant through pregnancy test before the wedding the person is not entitled to put on white gown for the wedding… simple oo

  • As a matter of fact, I was boiling with rage when reading the accusations of the reporter, but was quickly percified when I read through the first two replies received from Stella and Bilkis Best.
    To start with, every serious organisation must have a constitution that guides its activities. Now, as a religious organisation, the first and the only constitution that is guiding its activities is the Holy Bible. As the world totally gone insane to have forgotten that there is a supreme being responsible for its creation and that he expects some level of discipline among the inhabitants? What does the Holy Bible say about fornication and adultery? According to Pastor EA Adeboye in his Open Heavens on Love, the fulfilment of the Law II, page 81 says, “if a man truly loves a woman, he will be prepared to wait for her to be ready for marriage. The one who loves you will not compel you to sleep with him before you are married. To the world, one faulty yardstick for measuring love is one’s readiness to go into premarital sex. Anyone who claims to love you but cannot wait for you to be ready before you go into marriage does not truly love you. Love is not hasty but patient. Anyone who is not ready to pay a price for you does not really love”.
    Needless to say that, the man of God has said it all. Anglican Church is a well established organisation and if the Church has no belief in the Holy Bible, then, it mustn’t be taken seriously.
    I think at this junction, every religious head must continue to speak out against this evil trend in our society. African community has a decent culture unlike its white counterpart. We must strive to uphold it at all times.
    Thank you.

  • If u ask me? I don’t think it is wrong! Dere re two ways to it. Sex is nt permissible b4 marriage, Bt then if d bride happened to be found pregnant, I think I support the church idea. Now the question is, what brought about white Gown? Virginity? How many ladies get married being a virgin? 5%. From the history the first bride ever wore a black gown on her. wedding day. White is just the culture of some other people. We can build our culture. It’s not compulsory to wear white. Let’s leave white gown trend. Since she got pregnant before marriage. She can definitely get pregnant after too. Nobody was born a barren.

    May God guide us to the right part.
    Traditional attire would be good. The a dinner gown at the reception.

  • Premarital sex is wrong but let’s be realistics how many girls these days are virgins when they get married? My point is that the church would have let her know from the beginning and not after she paid the wedding fee

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