Dollar Rise: 6 Top Gainers Even In This Terrible Economy


As of today, the price of the dollar to the naira at the parallel market is at it’s all time high, however, the sadder reality is that while the prices of goods have continued to skyrocket, the status of people’s salaries are not thesame as some have even been slashed. Despite the harsh reality, there are some Nigerians who would not be affected, not at the the slightest by this new tragic economic situations and those are the set of people, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings to you in this piece…

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Tailor: No matter what the exchange rate in the market is, the tailor would still sew clothes at their normal charges or even higher and customers will still partonise them. Events like wedding, burials, red carpets etc. make them highly sort after.

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Mechanics: Due to the high rise of the dollar against the naira, a lot of people would not be able to buy new cars and as such, would spend the little they have to maintain their old cars. At this point the mechanic becomes a very valuable alternative.
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Barber: Some men visit their barbers as often as every three days. No matter the economic situation it is a trip most men must make, so barbers have also earned their spot on this list.
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Hair stylist: It doesn’t matter how broke a woman is, her hair tops all her priorities when it is due to be made. The hair styling business falls under top gainers in the new disastrous economic situation.

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Health officers: Health is wealth and after Nigerians fall sick from stressing over the economic situation, the one person they would visit is a health practitioner. This makes them one of the most important gainers.
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Technicians: These are radio, TV, AC and other household and office electric appliances repairers. Because buying a new one would cost almost twice the amount the former was bought, the best bet is to repair faulty ones. This makes these set of people gainers in this era.
So people, if you’re looking for a profitable sector to invest in, in this era, INFORMATION NIGERIA just brought you a few!



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