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Dr. Sid Remembers His Late Father, Justus Esiri, Shares A Photo Of Him

February 19th marks the third year anniversary of Nollywood actor, Justus Esiri’s death.
His son, famous singer, Dr. Sid (Sidney Esiri) remembered his father on the 3rd anniversary of his passing.
Dr. Sid remembers his late father Justus Esiri
He shared this photo of his late father and captioned it “You will always be remembered. “Justus Esiri died from complications of diabetes. A few months after the passing of his father, Dr. Sid spoke to Urban Royale Magazine about the loss of his father.”Losing my dad has taken a lot out of me, but it has given me a lot as well. I miss the man just for his sheer awesomeness. He was so great, always so composed, he had everything under control. He had a great smile, he had charisma, and he was so charming.“Everywhere he went into, he would light up the room. Those are qualities I try to imbibe in myself in my everyday life, in everything I do.  At this point… (he pauses, he seems to be getting really emotional).“My dad is going to be missed not just by me, but by the whole world. My job right now is try to live my life in a way I know that is befitting to his legacy and that would make him proud of me. And even though he can’t see me physically, I know that he is watching over me. I miss him so much. I’m just going to try and do right by him” said Dr. Sid.
In December 2015, Dr. Sid was unveiled as the ambassador of House of Lunettes.


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