Kenyan Video Vixen, Huddah Monroe Blast Fan Who Insulted Her On Instagram


Controversial Kenyan video vixen, Huddah Monroe, is currently in Lagos having a good time.

As she enjoys the good time, she has constantly been sharing photos on Instagram, showing her +500,000 fans how much fun she’s having.

In one of her holiday photos, a fan named mileyche2 ‘advised’ Huddah Monroe that she should rest her private part for some time.

But doesn’t your pussy get tired miss, ? you need a break jeeeeeezzzz!!!!!!!!!!! Air condition it, let it rest and then you can start again .#concernFan @huddahthebosschick” wrote the fan.

Huddah Monroe clapped back and told the fan “Why you worried about my pussy ? It’s me who is getting fucked not u or your mother . Hahaha! Bitch, Worry about your mothers pussy . It gave birth to you . You need to wash it and tKs care of it . That’s what you should be worried about mama.

Last year Huddah Monroe turned down a marriage proposal from a Kenyan politician.


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