MUST READ: 9 Simple Ways To Survive This Hot Weather

Cool drink of water in the summer heat (Photo WDTN/Kris Sproles)

Apart from economic hardship, Nigerians are having a hard time dealing with the hot weather currently being experienced all over the country. It is even harder with the epileptic power supply prevalent all over the place. Heat like every other thing else, if not controlled can have serious consequences like heatstroke and hyperthermia, which can occur when our cooling systems are overwhelmed. Heat-related illnesses occur when a person’s body cannot properly cool itself. As the body’s temperature continues to rise, the body begins to suffer. Other factors such as age, obesity, dehydration, and drug or alcohol use can make it harder for the body to stay cool in hot weather. In order to help you stay healthy in this hot weather and economic condition, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together these tips…

Head downstairs: Since hot air rises, the upper stories of a home will be warmer than the ground floor. A basement can be a cool refuge from the midday heat.

Eliminate extra sources of heat: Incandescent light bulbs can generate unnecessary heat, as can computers or appliances left running. Eating fresh foods that do not require you to use the oven or stove to prepare will also help.

Maintain an adequate level of hydration: which means you’ll need to consume more water than you usually do when it’s hot. If you’re sweating profusely, you will also need to replace the electrolytes you are losing by eating a small amount of food with your water or by drinking specially-formulated electrolyte replacement drinks. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration; you should drink sufficient amounts of fluids before you feel thirsty in order to prevent dehydration. Remember that water is your most important resource, so protect the water that’s already in your body by avoiding the sun and the wind, as both can increase water evaporation from your body. Do not eat unless you have plenty of water, and limit or cease physical activity if your water resources are critical.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine: These substances can act as diuretics (any substance that promotes the production of urine) and promote dehydration.

Don’t eat large, protein-rich meals that can increase metabolic heat and warm the body.

– Avoid heavy outdoor activity.

– Wear a hat, light and loose clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses when going outside.

– Spend at least two hours in an air-conditioned room.

– Talk with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you are taking medications, some medicines make it harder for your body to control its temperature.

We hope these tips help!!!




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