Nigeria’s Situation May Not Get Better If Politicians Don’t Imbibe The Fear Of God – Cleric

General Overseer of Christ Fire World Evangelism Ministry, Igbee-Ikorodu, Lagos, Prophet Israel Owonibi says Nigeria will not experience meaningful change will not come if leaders at different levels continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.

“The nation is in chaos because of sin and God is not happy with us. The foundation is faulty. Poor people are suffering while sinners are enjoying. Peace may continue to elude this nation because of much sin. The situation may even get worse because there is no fear of God among politicians,” Owonibi said during the church’s 2016 prophetic night.

“It’s only God that can bring positive change to the nation. God will always fight for his children, and that’s why I declare this year, ‘My  Year of Release’ and I pray that God will satisfy all the marginalized and oppressed people in this country, this year with favour,” he said.

“Some Christian leaders are not telling the truth because of materialism. Why should a pastor be involved in politics? It is wrong. A pastor should be content with his pulpit from where he can play an advisory role to the government. God’s office is different from secular office. That’s the reason God is mute over our problems, ” he argued