Nollywood Actress, Moyo Lawal Opens Up On How Bad Last Month Was For Her And Her Family


Fast rising Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal recently went on her Instagram page to lament on how terrible last month was for her and her family.

Read what she said below: –


“So a couple of weeks ago …I got so sick…I had to be hospitalised…. The whole nine yards was wrong with me …..I literally was so weak …my drips had to be rushed until I got stabilised …. Energy was a luxury …and I only used the little I had to communicate with family and the doctors (apologies to work and friends, I left incommunicado) ……However after a really bad night of stooling and vomiting bile …I had …had enough of the hospital especially because the nurse on duty that night was lazy (if not for my sister,I wonder what my story will have been) anyways I couldn’t sleep and immediately I saw my sister move …I asked her to call my dad(who literally left everything to just come sit with me everyday) to come take me home ….alas all his numbers and my stepmums phones was off …..They say the only way to get over a really bad pain is to feel something worse (true ),… The energy I got that morning was amazing … Discharged myself despite the doctors refusal …. We rushed home and guess what … *** Armed robbers ** (emphasis on the armed)… just left my dads place with all the phones,iPads ,laptops etc ,they also left with two jeeps,… All my stepmums gold (they hit gold literally) all the gold my mum left me and money nobody was harmed …thank goodness … Its been a really low couple of weeks …oh yes after I left the hospital …I got whew … But that’s a story for another post …this is way too long sef who gonna read it ..what a January ….grateful for life… ….p.s this is not a movie before you people start on that.”


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