OAP Lolo Opens Up On Her Divorce And Beef With Comedian Princess


In a chat with Punch Spice, OAP and comedian Lolo 1 addressed her recent social media clash with colleague Princess and also opened up on her ongoing divorce, keeping her private life out of the media and more. See excerpts below;

On keeping her private life away from prying fans: I am a proud mother of four children and I have the right to keep them away from prying fans. If you know me very well, you would know that they are my all and an integral part of my life. Occasionally, I post their pictures on social media, but that’s not what’s key for me.

On her marriage: My husband is a very private man and I wouldn’t want to put him out there. It’s not something he appreciates or cares about. We’re presently going through a divorce, but we have mutual respect for each other. We will do all we can to protect and nurture our lovely kids. We are also actively involved in the lives of our children.

On her spat with Princess: Sometimes, women have issues. At an event which held this month, she caused me to feel awkward. I felt slighted because her action was unnecessary. I had to give vent to my anger because I am human. Some of our colleagues waded into the matter and I believe that our differences will be sorted out. We’re human beings and we are bound to hurt each other at some point.But, we have to let it go and keep the ball rolling.

Source: 9ja news arena