[OPINION] The Chairman PDP Needs Now By Khadija Al-Hassan


A cursory look at the tactical jostling going on to occupy the office of Chairman in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leaves one with a burning question: why does PDP always repeat the same mistake?

The report sheet of the 2015 Presidential Elections must be brought into focus as we elect a new party chairman. All the stakes must be thoroughly interrogated dispassionately viz-a-viz the threat of a possible collapse and the undaunted pressure of a rampaging APC.

The era of putting a lackey of political bull dogs as Party Chairman is over. The party needs to “smell the coffee” as its chances of rising up from the ash is very strong; that is, if you elect a chairman who understands critical and strategic organizational functionalism and is able to bring to bear this auspicious   capacity.

This is calling on the critical mass in PDP to rise to the peculiar contingencies and challenges of the occasion. The pregnancy of a stronger and more strategic PDP must not be sacrificed at the slaughter slab of political emperors who see the party as just another conquered fiefdom. He that has eyes and ears must listen attentively to the delicate   voice of reason.

The American trained school teacher, administrator, consummate diplomat, father and shepherd, Ambassador Wilberforce Juta, must be supported in his bid to rebuild the broken walls of the most strategic, political party in Africa (The PDP). Juta should be supported as he strengthens the feeble hands and heals the wounded hearts in the party. This is not the era to relish the subterfuge and succor of denial mode or “grandeur of delusion”.

THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD AS IT IS, PDP is injured. PDP needs a father with a shepherd’s heart, eagle’s eyes and the disciplined conviction of a pragmatic reformer.  Don’t forget, the ruling APC is earnestly waiting to celebrate PDP’s utter disintegration and decimation!

With due respect to all other aspirants, Ambassador Juta may just be the critical functionalist required in a time like this. His vast experience, exposure, pedigree and resilient strength; as resplendent in his academic, career and political trajectory would definitely come in Handy.

Khadija Al- Hassan wrote from JimetaYola.

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