Photos: Mercy Johnson’s Husband Gets King’s Welcome As He Arrives Hometown


Prince Odi Okojie, the husband of popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson returned to his hometown in Uromi, Edo state yesterday (February 8).

Prince Odi Okojie who claims he is being persuaded by his people to fight for PDP’s deputy governor’s slot in the coming election in the state was received like a king, the people trooped out to greet him as he rode around the town.

Mercy Johnson's husband in Uromi, Edo state

His wife however wasn’t with him in his motorcade.

Prince Odi Okojie’s warm reception is an indication that he will be vying for a political office in the next gubernatorial election.

On January 25, 2016 it was reported that Mercy Johnson’s husband would be vying for the position of deputy governor of Edo state under the platform of the People Democratic Party.

Later in the day he released a statement clarifying his political ambitions.

A poster of Prince Odi Okojie and Mercy Johnson

My attention has been drawn to various campaigns on-going online about the upcoming election in Edo State later this year

“The campaign mainly by young people (youths) and students from Edo State and my local government, is that I should vie for the position of Deputy Governor in the state. This is based on the premise that since the party zoned deputy governorship slot to Edo Central where I am originally from, I should represent various interests in the area.

“This is a gesture I appreciate; it is a good thing for people to recognize your good work and want you to serve especially when one has been supportive without being in government.

“I want to make it clear that the position of deputy governorship is not a position one campaigns for, the party leaders alongside members chose who flies the party’s ticket alongside the governorship candidate. However, I am available to serve in whatever capacity the party wants me to serve.  I am a loyal party member.

“Most importantly, the people of Edo State deserve much more than what they are getting from the present government.A hero's welcome“Good governance is not what is seen on the pages of newspapers, good governance reflects in the lives of the governed. People of Edo State can testify themselves if they have gotten the best from the present government. The people know they got the wrong end of the stick. Good governance is not PR, it is value-adding.

“In whatever way things swing in Edo State, I am an interested stakeholder in the happenings in my state and a visionary individual who believes good leadership coupled with youthfulness can turn the whole of Nigeria and Edo State around without unnecessary noise.

“I will continue to engage relevant stake holders in Edo State regarding this matter.

“I once again appreciate the various youth associations, students union, all the higher institutions in Edo State and women who want me to show interest in the upcoming election.

“I will continue to help my people with or without political power as I have always done without being in government. I believe in the popular saying that, ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” read the statement


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