Principal Announces School Closure With Adele Parody


The head of a private school in Rhode Island used an Adele parody to announce the school would be closed on Friday. Principal Matt Glendinning shared his take on the British songstress’s hit single “Hello” to inform students and parents Moses Brown School in Providence would be closed due to snowy conditions.

The video entitled “Hello, school is closed” features the prinicipal reenacting scene’s from Adele’s music video as disappointed students learn they won’t be able to attend school. “You know it snowed a lot last night. Now I have to tell you not to try and come, and I am sorry students if it breaks your heart,” Glendinning sang.

His lyrics encourage students to bundle up and sleep in but also warns parents not to drive and informs them to check their emails and local TV for updates on further closures.

Glendenning used the same method to deliver news of a snow day in January 2015 when he parodied “Let it Go” from the Disney film Frozen.



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