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R&B Star, Praiz Attacks Linda Ikeji On Instagram


Famous Nigerian R&B/Pop star, Praiz, 31, has joined the group of celebrities attacking Linda Ikeji.

Today (February 23) Linda Ikeji posted a story of Kevin Hart getting his own day in the state of California in USA. Praiz tweeting at Linda Ikeji

The X3M singer expressed his thoughts about Linda Ikeji celebrating a foreign star when he was awarded with his own day in Minnesota and she did not blog about it.

..and when A Nigerian gets his day In a foreign land it’s not news… God help us all” tweeted Praiz.

Wizkid shades Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji has received a lot of criticisms this month alone.

It started with her passionately defending the authenticity of her Hermes Birkin bags when people on Instagram called them fake.

Wizkid shades Linda Ikeji

The bad PR from that mess led to Wizkid taking shots at her.

Yesterday Linda Ikeji slyly hit at Wizkid in an article about the US rapper, The Game.

Wizkid saw the sub and called Linda Ikeji “lonely and bitter” on Snapchat.

On Saturday, February 6, 2016 Praiz was recognized by the state of Minnesota. The Governor of the state, Mark Dayton officially declared February 6, as ‘Praise Adejo Day’.

Seal of Declaration for Praiz Day

2 years ago I was in Minnesota on a vacation and I happened to go on a tour at the CAPITOL. It was an interesting experience. I also met some good people and made new friends. Today the Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, has issued a proclamation to recognize me. I am very honored and humbled. I want to use this opportunity to say a big Thank You to to GOD almighty for ALL he has done for me , the State of Minnesota and Governor Mark Dayton. #kingsonly #RichAndFamous #winning #GodOverEverything #StayGrinding #Minnesota #Usa #minnesota” wrote Praiz on Instagram.


  1. Linda stays winning any day. Angry Nigerians be hitting on her because of her success. I will say, it’s not her fault, to God be the glory. The more they hate, the higher she goes.

    Linda ride on, I’ll see you on top.
    But I don’t like your show offs, I see it as a fault on your side, every human being has his/her fault.

    • Linda , yes you are a success but there is this problem i want you to solve . I’m a blogger and one thing that keeps people coming is doing their things the way they want , you collect money to advertise and after You and Edna just destroy the advert by pushing into the deserted parts of your website by posting gossips that has little or no relevance with the advert .


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