5 Weird People You’d Likely Meet In A ‘Face-me-I-face-You’ House


face me

“Face-me-i-face-you” or “Face-to-face” is an informal term for a type of residential real estate in Nigeria, where a group of one or two-room apartments have their entrances facing each other along a walkway. They are low rent and are commonly used by the low income Nigerians because of their affordability. Face-me-I-face-you has been rechristened “Face-me-i-slap you’ because of the kind of things that often happens there. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 5 types of persons you are surely going to encounter there….


That neighbour that knows everything: In the ‘face me I face you’ set up, there is always that one person who is an expert on every subject and topic and would make it their duty to educate you at the slightest opportunity.

That Nosy neighbour: You are definitely going to meet that one person who pokes his/her nose into everyone’s business and makes it their responsibility to disburse information about everything and everyone in the compound.

That quarrelsome neighbour: There would always be that one neighbour who wakes everyone up with a quarrel. It is either they are quarreling with their spouse or with a co-tenant. They start and end their days with an argument.

The Pretentious neighbour: These ones act like they see, hear or do no evil, but in reality they are the real perpetrator of evil.

The borrower: These ones always have a reason to go and knock on their neighbour’s door for things as basic as matches and salt.

Which did we miss???




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