Single Ladies: You’re Not Really His Girlfriend Unless He Does These 5 Things


A man can spend time with you, make you feel like the only girl in the world, and consistently follow up with you. He can be settled, secure and treat you better than any man has ever done. He can text you 50 times per day, FaceTime you when he travels for work, and make time to see you every weekend.

He could even introduce you to his family and take you to his office SuperBowl party. He can open up and tell you deep, dark secrets about his past and make you feel like he is honest and above playing petty games.

But all this means is that you’re consistently available for him. You’re not really his girlfriend unless he does this:

Asks you to be exclusive
Talks about the future with you in mind
Tells you he loves you and strives to meet your needs
Takes down his online dating profile and cuts off all other women he may be seeing
Labels the relationship

If the man you’re seeing isn’t trying to snatch you off the market, is fine with things being ambiguous, or even gets angry when you try to bring up the topic of love and commitment, you are in a situationship, not a relationship.

Here’s the bottom line: You wouldn’t get on an airplane, let it take off and reach 30,000 feet before you’d ask “Where is this going,” would you? Then don’t get invested with a man without confirming your relationship status.

Ask early and ask often. Remember, you’re not trying to make a man commit to you. You’re trying to be intentional, confirm your relationship status and communicate your commitment goals.


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