Tips On How To Ask A Nigerian Girl Out On Valentine’s Day

Champagne and Roses (Getty)

Valentines day is just around the corner and you probably have a girl you really fancy but have no clue or guts to actually ask her out. Rather than wallow in defeat because you have no one to spend the day with, to give flowers to or to purchase a ridiculously expensive present for, read this tips outlined by INFORMATION NIGERIA on how to ask a girl you like out this Valentines Day and save you from loneliness…

Buy her an oversized heart-sized cake and ice a sweet message on top, such as ‘Will you go out on a date with me this Valentines day’. Forget the saying that Nigerian girls are materialistic, truth is deep down in their heart, there is always space for romance.


Catch her off guard with a Valentine’s Day delivery to her door step. Make sure it’s something really nice like a watch or clutch purse with a nice note asking her to dinner later. She’d likely say yes, if she has no one on her neck.

As nerve-racking as this sounds, face to face is the easiest and simplest way to ask a girl you like out this vals day. You can nicely go up to her and ask her. They always say the worst she can do is say no. But more than likely, you will get the chance to take her out.


If you have no problem actually facing her, you have to be careful in selecting what you say, because that’s what matters the most. So when you meet her up, don’t plan anything too much in your head, just flow naturally. The fact that she smiles back at you or talks nicely to you doesn’t mean she already wants to be your bae (mistake most Nigerian guys make). So make sure what you say and do doesn’t jeopardize your chances with her.


Girls like complement. So you can simply say that you like the way she dressed today and ask her “will you dress up like this tomorrow on a date with me to the movies?” You’d probably get a good response.


Valentine’s Day does not have to be spent alone. Go out there and ask that girl that you have been interested in for the longest time. Don’t write yourself off, you never can tell what could happen!!!



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