Today In Nigerian History: 3rd February

On this day in 1976, Gen. Murtala Ramat Muhammed (1938-1976) proclaimed Abuja as the new federal capital…

The movement of the federal capital territory from Lagos to Abuja took place on 12 December 1991 because of Lagos’ population boom that made that city overcrowded and conditions squalid. The master plan for Abuja and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was developed by International Planning Associates (IPA), a consortium of three American firms: Planning Research Corporation; Wallace, McHarg, Roberts and Todd;[10] and Archisystems, a division of the Hughes Organization.

The territory is located just north of the confluence of the Niger River and Benue River. It is bordered by the states of Niger to the West and North, Kaduna to the northeast, Nasarawa to the east and south, and Kogi to the southwest.



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